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Cattle Early Listings  09/20/22 4:44:10 PM

Recent Iowa regulations on bulls 18 months or older or non virgin bulls entering the state of

Iowa from any other state require a negative Trich test before entering the state
as breeding stock.
Any native Iowa bull 18 months or older or non virgin bull require a negative Trich before
they are consigned to sale to leave the state of Iowa as breeding stock

Cattle Sale starts at 12:00   

Regular Sale Saturday Sept 24th

Special Cattle sale Saturday Oct 1  

19 hd 500-600# blk & charx strs & hfrs  1 round shots    J Day 
12 hd 750-850#  crossbred  yearling strs & hfrs    Herman
30 hd 650-800 crossbred yearling strs    T Black








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