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Cattle Early Listings  10/28/20 10:01:55 AM

Recent Iowa regulations on bulls 18 months or older or non virgin bulls entering the state of

Iowa from any other state require a negative Trich test before entering the state
as breeding stock.
Any native Iowa bull 18 months or older or non virgin bull require a negative Trich before
they are consigned to sale to leave the state of Iowa as breeding stock

Cattle Sale starts at 12:00  

Special Cattle Sale Saturday  Oct 31st 

60 hd 500-650 blk Simm strs & hfrs   vaccinated   weaned  T & J McLain
35 hd 300-550 blk & red  bulls & hfrs     Grassland Farms 
31 hd 500-650 blk & bwf strs & hfrs    vaccinated   weaned    W Dimmitt
40 hd 500-650  blk & bwk strs & hfrs   vaccinated  weaned    D McLain
14 hd 500-650 Red Angus Char x  2 rounds vaccine   gold tag   D Graham
31 hd 500-650 blk strs & hfrs   vaccinated   weaned  sired by Hoover Angus bulls  Eichelberger
30 hd 300-500 blk strs & hfrs    2 rounds shots    D Weatherington
17 hd 600-800 blkx bulls & hfrs     D Obrien
40 hd 400-600 bwf strs & hfrs   1 round shots    fancy   reoputation   Harbison 
30 hd 450-600 blk strs & hfrs    1 round shots   weaned    M Thomas
47 hd 450-600 bwf strs & hfrs   1 round shots     Thomas & Bennett
16 hd 500-650 char strs & hfrs    vaccinated   weaned   A Tate
22 hd 400-600 blk strs & hfrs    1 round shots  weaned   Bohnenkmap

120 hd 600-750 mostly blk strs & hfrs   yearlings   green   G Shipley

12 hd 750 blk strs  yearlings    B Mitchell
30 hd 700-750 blkx hfrs    yearlings   W Helphrey 
70 hd 800 mostly blk hfrs  yearlings    PBS

Annual customer appreciation BBQ & Special Cattle Sale Saturday Nov 7th 

100 hd 400-600 fancy Angus strs & hfrs    vaccinated    Sherod Farms
30 hd 300-500  blk & char strs & hfrs   vaccinated   M Keller 
90 hd 800-900 blk yearling strs     Peitz 
40 hd 650-800 mostly blk yearling strs & hfrs   repuatution     Ira & Kathy

Bred Cow Sale  Saturday Nov 14th 

David Small Trust Dispersal

100 hd fancy Angus & black white face hfrs  originated northwest Neb. 
AI  bred to Lonesome Dover on 5-25-20
cleaned up wih Angus Bulls 

65 hd fancy Red heifers  originated Franklin Bar Y Ranch 
AI bred to Marksman on 5-25-20 
cleaned up with Angus Bulls 

complete vaccination and mineral  program
wormed & poured three times  
had 1st scour shot 
preg checked on 8-15 by Marilyn Brown to 
determine AI & fetal sex 
will be rechecked at the sale and sorted into uniform lots 
a fancy group of heifers

35 hd 3-6 yr old blk cows   bred Black bull   
     due MId Feb   quiet  fancy set of cows     Walton
7 hd 3-5 yr old blk cow calf pairs     Remick 
13 hd 6-10 yr old  blk cows  bred Hoover Angus bull     Eichelberger




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