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August 2023  08/03/23 8:36:00 AM

         Summer is sure not over here in southeast Iowa!  We are going to be 95 to100 the next few days and hopefully be back to 80 for a high on Saturday.  It has been really humid the past three days as well.  The heat index readings are off the chart.  Good news is it is only three or four days and then back to normal.
         Saturday was warm but the livestock handled really well with the strong breeze throughout the dy.  The hog sale had plenty of head count with 250 head.   Feeder pigs sold for just 70 to 80 cents for those under 60 pounds and 50 cents for heavier weights.   Sows sold mostly $50 to 63 and fat hogs sold from $55 to 65.   The top hogs this week had to be colored barrows over 275 pounds. 
         The sheep and goat sale had 400 head and were mostly steady on lambs and kids.   Lambs sold from $1.35 to 1.70 per lb.   Kid goats were $2.10 to 2.80 a lb. for Boer cross and $1.00 to 1.80 for the dairy kids.   Nannies sold from $70 to 1.30 a lb. and pound ewes were at $40 to 65 a lb.
         The outside sale had several bales of hay continuing to come to the auction.  Small squares raged from $4 to 9.50 except for a couple piles that had been rained on bad.  Big bales had very solid demand.   The bulk of the hay was sure $100 to 125 that had quality and a decent sized bale.   Smaller bales or rougher hay containing weeds would be $70 to 90.  Straw round bales brought $55.   Large consignments of misc. items again Saturday.  Lots of hand tools, lumber, and various other items were out there this week.  Philip had to hurry back to another auction, so I helped him work thru some of those things this week. 
         The cattle sale had 780 head on a warm afternoon.  The run was about half new crop calves and half yearlings this week.   The four weight calves were over $3.00 a lb with a $3.10 top.   The top 550-pound unweaned steer went for $2.80.  some 797-pound yearling steers brought $2.54 a lb.  Heifers at 413 pounds brought $2.97; 615-pound char cross heifers at $2.42 and some 713 pound Red Angus heifers brought $2.30 a lb. 
         The weigh cow market is holding very steady with good yielding heavy cows weighing over 1300 were mostly $1.20 to 1.38.  The top bulls were $1.30 to 1.40 this week. 
         We baled hay on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday this week.  We didn’t plan to bale Saturday however a slow start and some bale trouble forced Luke to bale some Saturday. 
         Sunday was busy loading out.  Trucks were in at 4:30 for a load of cows and a truck needing hogs.  There was a steady stream all morning as well as hay trailers coming in.   Ted had a birthday bash in the neighborhood.  Luke went to clip horses.  Curt was trucking so Colby and I were on it.  I jumped on the rake in between hay trailers at noon.  Colby loaded a couple more and grabbed a sandwich then on the baler.  This is a good-sized patch and I wanted to get it completed on Sunday.    I wasraking ahead of him ok by 2 or so and got the call someone needed hay loaded.  So, I ran down to get that.  I wasn’t gone to long and the baler operator calls and says, “a wheel just fell off the big square baler!”  Well, it dang sure did, the spindle broke smoothly off the housing.  The tire got into a shield and twine box, and it didn’t look to good.  I took a few pictures and sent to Alex Richards our areas on call mobile repair man and told him to ponder this overnight!  Before noon today he had it apart and parts on the way.  He is one very determined and gifted repair man that our area is very blessed to have! 
         We took the girls to the State fair last week.  They had a big time and saw an awful lot.  It was a gorgeous day to be at the fair.  My sister Deb and her husband Eric came from New Mexico and went to the fair that same day.  Deb was impressed with all the improvements to the fair over the past 20 years. 
         Luke and Colby are leaving for Ogallala NE to the horse sale on Wednesday this week.  The sale is this Saturday.
         A regular sale this week with the labor shortage!!
Have a Dandy Week!

         Boy it has been a pretty week here in southeast Iowa!  We have been in the upper 70’s for highs and the upper 50’s for lows.   That is as good as you get for mid-August in this part of the country.  We had a half inch of rain last Sunday and it sure has kept everything green for now.  We have several days of dry weather in the forecast and the temperatures jumping over 90 again, so we hope that doesn’t las too long! 
         Saturday was sheep and goat day.  We had a few nice replacement breeding animals and a big run of all classes of sheep and goats totaling 1200.   The top-selling billy was at $800 and the top does were $300 to 350.   Market kids sold mostly $2.00 to a few at $3.00 a lb.  Dairy kids were much lower, down to 80 cents a lb. if they were not fat enough.   Cull nannies sold at $70 to 1.10 a lb. 
         The top selling replacement ewes were $200 for open middle aged white face ewes.   A few breeding bucks sold from $250 to 300 a head.   Light lambs were $1.35 to 2.00 and heavier weights were $1.80 to 1.91 a lb.  Cull ewes were mostly $40 to 60 a lb.  There was more interest in lighter weight lambs going home to feed in this sale than we have seen for a couple of months.
         The outside sale had a good run of big bales and a lighter run of smalls squares.   Little bales brought from $2 to 8.  Big bales topped at $130 for some full size brome grass bales.   Most hay ranged from $75 to 95.  Straw and rougher hay was $50 to 75 per bale.  The hedge post market was solid with the bulk of the corners $20 to 35 and the rest of the posts were $10 to 20.  We haven’t had very many posts all summer.  Philip had a big day out front with lots of misc. items that kept a nice crowd until 1:30.
         The cattle sale got a late start, but we had a very strong bred cow sale.  Pairs led the way bringing $2500 to 3000 for middle aged black pairs.  Fall bred cows were solid in the $2000 to 2400 range and even first period cows would bring $200 over weigh up price!
         Weigh cows continued the march to $1.50 with two cows at $1.41 a lb.!  Several cows were bringing over $2000 and three or four at $2400 to 2500!   We are getting close to the peak but I believe it is got a little more left!
         Luke & Colby are hustling around to get the horses ready for the sale at Ogallala on August 26th.  They are working on them three or four times a week to finish polishing them off.  Layne and Hattie are just picking the first few ears of the second planting of sweet corn.  It is really awesome corn if you need some be sure to let any of us know and we will have it ready!
         I have been needing to mow some hay and was able to get that done yesterday and today.  It went dang good until I got done and found a bearing out of the dang mower.   The boys didn’t really want me to mow any more yet anyways.  
         I am headed up to the Hereford show in Des Moines tomorrow.   Most of the girls are going so wish us luck!
         Curt and Lauren delivered a strong baby boy Tuesday afternoon.   They named him Maverick coming in at 9 lbs.  I asked Curt if he would be ready to work Saturday!  I have got to start them off right!
         A special feeder cattle sale this Saturday.   
Have a Dandy Week!

        The past week has been one we will long remember!  Last Saturday’s sale was one of the greatest sales we have ever had in Keosauqua.   The quality of the stock combined with the incredible market we are in right now just made it a thrill to be in the marketing business!
        The hog sale had sows back up to $65 for the heavier thick topped sows.  Fat hogs were mostly from $60 to 65.   A few pigs weighing 56 pounds brought $32.50 and some at 98 pounds were at $59 per head.
        The sheep and goat market was steady with kids at $2.00 to 2.50 a lb.   Lambs sold from $1.20 to 1.80 per lb.   We will have a special breeding sale this coming Saturday on the 12th featuring some very high-quality ewes, nannies, bucks and billies.   Be sure and attend, with feed coming down and the market still at its summer lows this creates an awesome opportunity to add numbers or start a new flock!
        The outside sale had small square selling from $2.50 to 8.00 a bale.   Big rounds were lower with grass perking up from the recent rains.  The top hay brought $115 for some nice third crop net wrapped round bales.  The bulk of the grass hay was sure $75 to 95 per bale.   Straw sold from $40 to 55 per bale.   There was not any big squares in this week’s sale.   Philip sold all the misc. items this week.
        The cattle featured several fancy loads of yearling steers.   Buyers gathered up to get a shot at some of the very best quality in the country.   The 775-pound steers brought $2.60; 860 pounds at 2.50 and 946-pound steers at $2.42 a lb.   Heifers had equal demand at 915 pounds brought $2.33 a lb.  Weigh cows were equally strong.  The top fleshy cows got up to $1.37   Several cows brought over$1.20 and very few cows were under $1.00.   Big bulls were mostly $1.30 to 1.45 a lb. 
        It was an awesome sale to be a part of from start to finish.  The crew did a good job of keeping everything moving all afternoon. 
        Sunday the AHA Board of Directors arrived at Keosauqua for the summer board meeting.   We had moved cattle around to be able to have a few close to town to see.  We were catching rain showers Sunday and I wasn’t sure we were going to be able to make it work.  By 4 o’clock the rain let up, the boys gathered up cows and calves, so we spent about an hour and half looking at cattle.   Becky & the girls hosted supper out at the main lodge at Lacey State Park.  We have Certified Hereford beef brisket and smoked pork loin for meat.  The girls furnished the sweet corn that was the hit of the crowd!   The meetings were held at the Hotel Manning in downtown Keosauqua.  It was a long way from the Mariott in Kansas City, but the folks thoroughly enjoyed being at the hotel.   They all headed for home by noon on Tuesday and things are starting to get back to normal.  Then the girls decided it was a good day to freeze corn, so we spent the afternoon Wednesday putting up corn. 
        This week’s sale will have the sheep & goat special in the morning and a bred cow and pair special in the afternoon.
Have a Dandy Week!

        We have had a much milder week of temperatures the past seven days.   Highs just got to the  mid or upper 80’s and lows going down to the 60’s.   We are getting a light rain this morning that is sure needed.  That hot weather took the sap out of everything last week and it is getting to be concerning on the grass again.  We made some awfully nice third cutting alfalfa last week.  It was surprising the quantity we baled for as dry as it has been.   The forecast has another couple of chances for showers for the next week and continued mild temperatures. 
        The hog sale had the usual run of hogs with a few extra 4-H fat hogs this week as the fairs are winding down.   The bulk of the trade on them was at $62 to 65.   Sows ranged from $60 to 62 on the top end and $35 to 45 on the lighter sows.   We had a couple of groups of 35-to-40-pound pigs selling from $25 to 39 per head. 
        The sheep and goat sale had over 500 head.  The market softened up a bit across all weights and classes.  The top lambs weighing 64 pounds brought $1.90 a lb.  most were $1.40 to 1.70.  A fancy set of 95-pound lambs brought $1.67 a lb.  Ewes were at $30 to 45 and a couple of cull buck sold at $60.   The better meat type kids sold from $2.20 to 2.60.  Nannies were $50 to 1.05 and big billies were up to $1.80.  
        Outside the hay market was a little higher with a small square bale top at $8, the most of it was $3.50 to 5.50 a bale.  Big round bales topped at $150 on some net wrapped third cutting alfalfa.  Grass rounds were mostly $100 to 125.   Big squares sold from $80 to 120, grass type on the lower end and alfalfa on the top.  Big rounds of wheat straw were $50 to 55 per bale.
        A big run of misc. items again.  Philip was off for a reunion, so Jimmy was able to slip out front and help with the outside sale.  I am getting old as I used to be able to do the whole dang outside sale in an hour.  Now it takes two guys, and we still can barely be done in an hour!  Sure, thankful Jim made it out!
        The cattle sale was a regular sale.  Baby calves were steady at $250 to 450 on beef types and $125 to 250 on dairy. Weigh cows were up a couple dollars again with a solid group of cows from $1.20 to 1.35 a lb.  Lighter cows or full types generally a $1.00 to 1.10 a lb.  Big bulls were clear up to $1.51 this week with a good group over $1.40      !
        We put in a couple of stretches of new fence lasts week that has been needing done.  It was hot, but that is generally the only time we get to build a fence!   Luke and Colby are putting the final touches on the horses going to the sale in Ogallala NE the last Saturday in August.   They have a real solid set again for the sale.  Layne and Hattie are in the sweet corn business again.  They are filling orders and making some deliveries.  It is by far the best sweet corn you can ever find.  Tender, extra sweet, fresh and two of the cutest grins around!
        A special feeder calf sale August 5th  featuring some very top yearlings and a special breeding sheep & goat sale August 12th
Have a Dandy Week!
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