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September 2019  09/05/19 4:36:00 PM

            And then the rains came!   We have been warm and very humid most of the week.  On two separate rains we have received from six and half to seven inches of water!   Boy, did it rain Sunday.  After lunch it set in and just rained straight down for over an hour.  It was pretty much like the cows and flat rock saying!  The forecast is calling for cooler temperatures into the weekend and a couple more chances of rain.
            Saturday wasn’t as wet as a couple of the days in the week, but it rained enough to slow down the run.   Hog numbered a couple hundred.  Sows are beginning to show more life!  Light sows sold from $27 to 30 and not many fat sows to test.  Fat hogs were selling from $35 to 37 and feeder pigs sold around 50 to 60¢ a lb.
            Jimmy took a van load of family to Grand Island, NE and was absent from the sale.  My cousin Mike stepped in his place and sold all morning.  Thank you for a great job, see ya next week!
            The sheep and goat sale only had 300 head this week.  The market is wanting to move lower and we felt it Saturday.  Light lambs topped at $1.70 and fat lambs were scarce.   Ewes and bucks sold at $45 and $70 respectively.   Kid goats are selling at just over $2 a pound for 50 to 60-pound fat kids, three fancy red does that were boer cross brought $185.
            The outside sale had small squares in good demand at $5 to 8.50 per bale.   A single pile of wheat straw sold at $4.50 per bale.   Big rounds sold $5 to 10 higher with most bales $50 to 70.   The NH chopper brought $2200 and the little car brought $1000.   Mums ranged from $5 to 14 and watermelons brought $4.   There was a large crowd outside, I guess it was too muddy at home to work so folks came to the sale!
            The cattle sale was light but there was good demand for feeders and weigh cows.   The top weigh cow was back up to $67 this week.
            Today I attended the Hoffman Ranch female sale in Thedford NE.  The ranch is known around the country for producing elite Hereford and Angus Cattle.  It was sure fun to see so many high-quality cattle there today.   The top Hereford heifer calf went to Colorado for $85,000!  The Angus heifer calf brought $80,000!   The sale was amazing with top show heifers selling all across the US and Canada.
            We left the sale and dropped in to see a pen of fat heifers that will be ready here in October.   The feedlot had finished chopping silage and it adjusted to 235 bu. per acre.  It surprised me at how much water is standing in puddles all across NE and the Missouri river remains over I29 south of Loveland.   Let’s hope we find a dry stretch of weather to allow for a smooth harvest. 
            A special feeder sale coming up this Saturday.
            Ted and Rachelle’s wedding is Friday evening.  Please be patient with the guys filling in and unloading stock and hay Friday!
Have a Dandy Week!

            Last week we were still hot and humid with highs in the 90’s and humidity in the 80’s!  After three days of an east wind, we received three inches of rain Sunday!  It rained from Saturday night and finally finished about 2 p.m. Sunday afternoon.   All the rain forced the boys to reschedule their pasture roping.   Today was gorgeous, 55 this morning and some fog that burnt off by 9 then beautiful skies and only a high of 80.   Even with all the rain the humidity wasn’t near as bad as it has been.   The evening cooled off again and it was really awesome as the sun went down.   The stars were out as bright as they can be as I came in a few minutes ago.   The forecast looks to be good this week with highs mostly in the 70’s and only a slight chance of rain Tuesday into Wednesday.
            Saturday’s sale had a good run of all classes of livestock.  The market is having trouble holding onto value the past couple of weeks.  This sale fat hogs fell into the low $30’s bringing from $30 to 35.   The sows sold from $30 to 31 for the best.   Feeder pigs weighing 40 pounds would not bring over $20 and a group of 90-pound pigs sold at $55 per head.   I would sure think the market should recover over the next couple of weeks.
            The sheep and goat markets were a little lower this week as well.   Light lambs under 80 pounds brought $1.50 to 1.58.   There was not much of a test of the fat lamb markets.   The goats from 50 to 70 pound would bring $125 to 185 per head.   Two nice billy kids brought $385 to 425 returning home to service does this fall.
            The outside sale was good sized as always.   Small squares were a little damp from the rain overnight.   Some piles were tarped, and they brought from $6 to 7.50 and the rest sold from $2.50 to 5.50.   Big round bales are at a season low with plenty of baling going on last week and prevent plant acres getting rolled up all across the country is impacting the big bale market.   Big rounds sold from $25 to 60 this week and big squares were $40 to 50.  The hedge post market was very steady.   The bale elevator brought $1025 and sure had quite a bit of interest.   Watermelons were steady at $1 to 3 each and mums brought from $6 to 14. 
            The cattle sale had just warm interest in baby calves.   Beef calves were mostly $150 to 275.   Holsteins were $25 to 35 and one at $50 and they were nice healthy calves.  We had six black cows with summer calves at side and had been exposed back that brought $2000.  
            The feeder cattle market was set up to move higher with bullish cattle on feed report out Friday.  Sure enough buyers were in attendance to do business this week!   The first sale with a test of the new crop calves saw buyers willing to step right into cattle to feed cheaper rations.   380-pound steers brought $1.92 and some middle 4 weight steers were at $1.89.  a cut of 5 weight steers were up to $1.65 kinda set the market in Saturday’s sale.   The weigh cow market was steady.
            This week will be a regular sale.  Arriving early is a very nice New Holland chopper with both heads and expecting a big run of round bales of hay.
Have a Dandy Week!

            We have been thru a really hot, humid week here in southeast IA.   Temperatures have bee in the high 80’s and low 90’s almost every day.   We had three quarters of an inch of rain again Sunday night, so it’s been steamy and very muggy again.   More like August than September, but it sure is doing the later corn and soybeans a lot of good.   The forecast is calling for much of the same over the next seven days with rain chances higher coming into the weekend.  This weather has sure kept our grass green and growing well!
            Saturday’s sale had a good run of hogs.   Fat hogs fell in a week that futures were higher!   Butchers sold mostly from $38 to 44.  Sows were just steady at $30 to 31 for heavy sows.   Big boars never change, 5 to 8 cents a lb.!!
            The sheep and goat sale had a large run again totaling 710 head.   50 to 70-pound lambs brought from $1.50 to 1.75 and the best fat lambs sold at $1.53.  The goat market was very solid with 50-70-pound good boer cross kids bringing $135 to 175 per head.   A couple of yearling billies drew strong attention bringing $350 to 500 per head.   There is a very strong market for goats year-round anymore!
            The outside sale had a big run of both large and small bales.   Big bales had an $80 top on rounds and $85 on big squares.   Most of the rounds were from $50 to 65 and the big squares sold from $40 to 55.   Small squares ranged from $4 to 8 with the majority inn the $5 to 6 range.   Some rougher big bales sold at just $10 to 17 per bale.
            There was a wide range of misc. items as always.   Hedge posts remained in solid demand.   Lines ranged from $4 to 18 and corners ranged from $15 to 37.   A good-sized selection of corners and lines both this week.   A large selection of mums ready for the season were selling from $7 to 10 each.   I bet we sold 35 to 40 watermelons at $2 to 3 each. 
            The cattle sale had baby beef calves from $150 to 350.  Dairy calves were just $25 to 35 per head.   We had a bigger run of bred cows and pairs.   The top group of pairs were 3 & 4-year-old Angus cows with two-month-old calves that sold for $2000.   Most of the other pairs ranged from $1200 to1500.   Cows bred for spring had very limited interest with a range of $700 to 1100.   Weigh cows are trending lower with a $67 top and most cows sold from $55 to 62 and the top bull brought $90.
            Sunday I chored a little and went to Macomb, IL for Lowderman’s Hereford sale.  They had a darn good crowd and ended up with an average of $5000 on 60 lots.   There are choppers running here harvesting silage the past week.  The yield checks have corn from 70 bushels to 240 bushel an acre.  It seems to be an extremely wide range in yield so far.  In visiting with folks at the sale the feeling seems to be that beans might be pretty good but corn not looking as good as was hoped.  
            The calves we weaned both registered and commercial sure wish it would cool off!   They are eating okay but sure seem like the calves running out in the grass have stayed healthier than those confined in the lots. 
            The boys are getting ready for their pasture roping this Sunday.  It is usually a real good time!   At this event rather than roping steers in a traditional arena setting, the steers get turned out one at a time in the pasture west of the barn at Luke’s.   They give them a good head start so they need to run pretty hard to catch them!   The steers get tied down for time to stop.   Its usually darn good watching.   There can be a wreck!  There have been steers run thru the alley and steers have run into vehicles!   Rarely do they get away but there is always a first time!  The boys hope to start at 1 p.m. Sunday if the weather is good.  Come watch a round or two if you are needing some new entertainment Sunday afternoon.
            A feeder cattle special coming up next Saturday expecting 600 to 800 head.
Have a Dandy Week!

            Some rain showers came thru here Saturday night into Sunday morning.   We ended up with an inch at home and one and half to one and three quarters at Keosauqua.   The sun drove temperatures to almost 90 today and with all the humidity around it was really muggy this afternoon.   The forecast calls for hot weather the next two days then cooling into the weekend and some rain chances again Thursday.   Until the rain came Sunday, we had a gorgeous week of weather.   The highs were in the 70’s and lows in the 50’s with really blue skies.   I hope it returns shortly!
            Saturday was very busy.  We started just a little early to try and outrun the wave of consignments that were coming in.   Jimmy had some strays to tend to, so I started selling hogs while I was working in the ring.   The hog market has slipped off some more this week.   Fat hogs were mostly in the $42 to 45 range and a lighter run of sows only had a $33 top.   Pigs sold at 55¢ for nearly all weights.  
            The sheep and goat sale had good numbers this week and very nice quality.   The market was steady across all classes.   Lambs ranged from $155 to 180 for 60 to 80 pounds.   Not many fat lambs in the barn, a group of 135 pounds brought $153.   Goats were good in kind and in value.   50-pound kids sold to $155 per head.
            We had a nice group of boer cross kids come in the ring about a half hour into the sale.   16 head that weighed 52 pounds and sold for $152.50 per head.   We always sell goats by the head and sheep by the pound and Jimmy will announce that as he sells the run each Saturday.   A young man that I didn’t recognize bought the group of kids.   Shortly after they left, he slides up to ringside wanting to talk to me.  (When people come up to the ring side in this manner it is usually not to commend me on a job well done!)  Sure enough he says to me, “I thought I was buying those kids by the pound not by the head.”  I explained what Jim says about by the head on goats and by the pound on sheep.   He says well I wouldn’t have given that much for them if I had known it was by the head and I don’t want them.   It is very important to understand that the auction is a legal transaction of business and all sales are final, no second guessing yourself!   So, in an effort to help convey that understanding I told him that I would resale them for him and he agreed.  So, two drafts later here came those 16 kids back into the ring.  I said this young man thought he was buying these kids by the pound rather than by the head, so we are going to sell this group for this young man.   The buyers were fair, and it only cost him a $100.  I would bet quite a bit that he will remember that for a lifetime!  If I had just taken them back and let him off with no responsibility it would not have created the memory we made with the kids getting resold!
            The outside sale had a big run of hay that sold softer.   Small bales were pretty much $3 to 6 this week.  One pile of wheat straw at $4.  The big round bales had an $80 top on a stack of net wrapped fine quality 2nd cutting orchard grass alfalfa mix hay.  Most of the big rounds sold $40 to 60.   Big squares sold from $35 to 45 this week.   The hedge post market was sure good this week also.   The better line posts brought $10 to 15 and the better corners were from $20 to 35.   There was a very large consignment of all other goodies out there this week as well.  I was sure glad Jim arrived out there to help with the auction duties!
            We were able to start on cattle pretty close to noon and had some very top-quality yearlings in for the sale.  We had just a few baby calves and cows and then we were on to the feature consignments.   The reputation Phil Peitz steers were as outstanding as ever!   Two loads weighed 992 and sold for $126.50.   Pretty awesome cattle Phil and family, job well done!    The market was better than expected Saturday with fat cattle prices dropping below a dollar and futures still reeling back some slack!   Weigh cows felt the weight of lower fats this week.   The cow market was sure $5 to 7 lower than last week.   It sounds like we might have more of that trend the next few weeks.   Layne made it back to the sale to watch the weigh cows sale.   For a 10-month-old she sure doesn’t miss much.   She just glues her eyes to the cows coming thru and all the sounds of the auction.  
            I am loading some country cattle this week and have two meeting in Ames in three days!   I really need to get some cows hauled back to pasture after our Hereford tour.  So, hope to get that done Wednesday.
            Next week will be a bred cow sale.   There will be cow from a dispersal as well as bred heifers, pairs and a breeding bull or two.
Have a Dandy Week!

            Temperatures have remained pretty warm with highs close to 90° the past few days.  We had some scattered showers across the area a couple days as well.  It was the kind that really wasn’t forecast, and everyone mowed hay and poof up comes some rain! It really didn’t hurt much, and folks baled hay and mowed some more.   The forecast looks cooler and drier over the next seven days, so we will see what pops up this way!
            Saturday was a pleasant day with some sun and not quite as hot.   The hog sale was shorter with mostly butchers and pigs and not many sows.   The fat hog market was a couple dollars lower at $48 to 50.   Pigs sold at 50 to 60 cents a pound for all sizes.
            The sheep and goat sale moved 580 head thru the holiday sale.   The market continues to hold strong.   60-pound lambs sold for $2 a lb. and 70 to 85-pound lambs brought from $1.55 to 1.75 a lb.   Goats were steady with good boer kids in the 50 to 70-pound range selling from $135 to 190 per head.   There was a big crowd in for the sale.
            The outside sale was short on small squares with all the hay selling from $4.50 to 10 per bale.   Big rounds sold for $50 on smaller string tied hay up to $75 on big net wrapped bales.   Big squares sold from $50 to 85 per bale.   September 1st is the date fellas can start baling acres that went to prevent plant.  I will be curious to see how the market reacts as some of those bales begin to enter into the market.
            Hedge posts sold good to several different buyers.   The top line posts were $23 and top corners hit $50 this week.  It is a nice time of year to build fence and there will be a darn good run of posts for this week’s sale.  Used tin was in good demand and so was most of the lumber.  Vegetables only had fair interest.   Green beans sold for $1 on 3-pound bags.
            Veal calves sold pretty flat with the top Angus calf at $300 but some were under $200.   Holstein calves ranged from $50 to 75 this week.
            The cows out of the pasture dispersal were all ages and stages.  Pairs sold from $950 to 1150, bred cows that were close sold from $750 to 975.   A lighter run of feeders that were mostly bulls and pretty fast!   Weigh cows were a couple of dollars higher with an $80 top and several cows over $70.
            Monday, I skipped work and went to central Tennessee to a Hereford production sale at Eric Walkers.   It was a pretty day in that country and good cattle.  The sale averaged just over $5000 with cattle selling into 20 states and Canada.   Their grass looks really good.   We saw beans with over a third of the leaves off already!
            A good run of yearlings coming in for this Saturday’s sale!
Have a Dandy Week!
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