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August 2022  08/02/22 10:09:00 PM

We have remained very dry this last week.   Pretty warm temperatures even over 90° this afternoon.  We could almost see rain and smell it yesterday and today, but both times it just never got close enough to us to do anything!  The forecast looks dry again for the next seven days, mid 80’s for highs and lows in the high 50’s to low 60’s to go into September.
        Saturday saw a good hog run with a nice balance of pigs, butchers, and sows.   Fat hogs sold from $60 to 70.   Sows topped at $75 for the ones weighing over five and $55 to 60 on lighter weight sows.   37-pound pigs sold at $35 per head, 50-pound pigs brought $47.50 and 69 pound pigs topped at $54 per head.
        The sheep and goat run were pretty normal with just under 600 head.  The top 40-to-60-pound kids brought $3.10 a lb. while the better kids from 60 to 80 pounds sold at $2.35 to 2.80 a lb.  Cull nannies ranged from $1.40 to 1.80 a lb.  Billies weighing over 100 pounds were at $2.10 to 2.60.   60-pound lambs topped at $2.60 with the bulk more in the $1.70 to 2.00 range.  80-to-100-pound lambs sold from $1.38 to a $1.85 top.   14 replacement ewes that were 2 to 5 years old exposed for six weeks brought $200 per head.
        Outside had a fair run of hay this week.  Small bales topped at $10.50 per bale for 3rd cutting alfalfa.   Most hay brought $4 to 6.   Big round bales sold from $60 to 100 per bale, pretty much all grass hay.   The old Farmall H converted to propane brought $2000.  The lumber sold good as did used steel.  There was even two pups that found new homes and a multitude of other items this week.
        Logan was off this week, back to school on a Saturday once a month!  I thought Friday night it wasn’t too much for me to get thru and never called in extra help.  I would have been in good shape, but it got hot, and I scanned the crowd for back up!  The good Lord led me to Mr. Jeb Weaver in the crowd.  Jeb is a dang good auctioneer and when called upon, he stepped right in and help get finished up!   He worked up a little sweat under that Resistol hat but worked right thru the end of the outside sale like the professional he is!  Boy, I sure appreciated his help and thanked him for his time! 
        The cattle sale had about 600 head this week.  Baby calves sold from $200 to 400 for beef types and $75 to 150 for Holsteins.   Odd bred cows ranged from $800 to 1200 and a couple of pairs were up to $1600.   Several bulls in the feeder sale from 400 to 1000 pounds.   Pound cows made up a large part of the run.   The cow market is holding steady with top cows over $1.00 and most of the cows $80 to 95.  Big bulls sold from $1.00 to 1.15 a lb.
        Sunday, I ran up to the IA Hereford tour in central Iowa.  Boy, the crop up there is sure impressive.   Even though it is under 100 bushels down here that country will move the average way back up!  Alfalfa was green, no beans turning yet and the ears on that corn were huge with kernels spilling out the shucks!   Lunch was served at the Jasper Co Fairgrounds in Colfax and after a meeting and discussion, I headed back home.
        We preg checked some Herefords and the first calf black heifers this morning.  The Hereford pasture had my concern going into this morning.  This pasture is dry and 100% fescue.  These are my oldest cows.   The bull on them would not pass a semen check after I pulled him out!  I brought extra trailers to haul the opens off and I’ll be darned if only three open cows on the bunch.   That was awesome!
        The boys had good luck with black heifers as well.  While we had everything caught, we weaned the calves, I hope it is not as hot the rest of the week and we need a dust wetter to keep the air clean for them!  I will do the last bunch of Herefords tomorrow and we will be done until we get the last group of commercial cows caught in about three weeks.
        The girls have had a banner year in the sweet corn business and thanks to Ben Sherod the patch did amazingly well!   The corn was heavy eared, pollination and fill were great.   The bugs weren’t too bad (Ben sprayed it two or three times) Bob Waugh had some electric netting the girls borrowed that kept the varmints out!  They sold an amazing amount, and everyone loved the corn.  They gave some to the local nursing home and supplied two county food pantries on top of all the crew put in the freezer.  I am not sure Luke is on board yet, but the girls are all in for next year!  (Luke’s water wagon really made a difference in the production.)
        A special feeder cattle sale for next Saturday expecting 700 to 900 head of calves and yearlings.
Have a Dandy Week!

        We have had a really gorgeous week in southeast Iowa the past seven days.   Cool evenings and highs not much over 80° made for a really pretty week.  We are dry and could sure use a rain right away.   The forecast is calling for highs back in the 80’s and lows in the 60’s the rest of the week.   Rain chances look the best toward next Sunday, so we will keep our fingers crossed for that one!
        Saturday’s sale was sure a dandy!  We had a good hog sale with a pretty steady market and a lighter run of sheep and goats that also sold mostly steady across all classes.
        The outside sale had big round bales in high demand and short supply.  $100 was paid on all the rounds in the sale, 16 bales.   Big squares of old crop straw in loose bales brought $35.  Hedge posts topped at $42.50 on corners this week.  A lighter run of misc. items outside this week and Col Logan handled the entire sale out there.
        The cattle sale was the highlight of this week’s sale featuring the annual yearling crop of this area.   Demand is holding strong on all the feeders right now as feedlots are moving cattle at $1.50 and feed prices have been falling off the summer highs and futures looking solid for the beef business.   Baby calves were mostly dairy cross or Holsteins and sold from $85 to 200.  There were no test cows.   Light calves by the head sold up to $735 for boys and $625 for the girls!   The majority of the yearlings were steers, and many were coming off grass with just light supplement.   Some 642-pound steers sold at $2.10 a lb.,   42 head weighing 677 pounds at $2.0250.  Red steers weighing 750 pounds brought $1.91 and a load at 819 pounds were at $1.8925.   135 head of steers weighing 925 pounds brought $1.84 and some 1031-pound steers brought $1.81.  One load of 643-pound heifers brought $1.82, a package at 776 pounds brought $1.79.  21 head of heifers weighing 803 pounds sold for $1.65 and some at 841 pounds brought $1.62.   The cattle quality and condition were awfully strong.   All the consignors need commended on bringing an outstanding line up of stock! 
        The crew did a super great job of getting cattle in and out of the ring!  There were a couple of order buyers with tickets to the music show at the State Fair and they wanted to be gone by 4 to arrive in time.  We made it in great shape and were finished with feeders by 5:00.  230 head of weigh cows and bulls rounded out the evening.   The market was very solid with many cows from $88 to 1.08 top.  Bulls topped at $1.20 this week. 
        The boys finished preg checking heifers this morning.  It is always good to get that behind us and get focused on getting the bred heifers dialed in for the sale that will be here very quickly!  Conception was off about 2% over last year and AI ended up down about 3%.   The heifers look good, and I am hoping for some nice fall rains to keep them in shape. 
        The sweet corn patch has been going gang busters!  They have moved a bunch to customers, froze a bunch for winter and gave some to the local nursing home!   It looks like there is plenty left if you know of anyone that can use some get ahold of us this week. 
        We ran up to the Iowa State Fair last week for the Hereford show.   A great morning to be at the fair, nice and cool.  Becky & I took Cody, Layne, Hattie, and Savannah with us.  It was Savannah’s first experience, and the girls took her to see a lot!
        A regular sale here this week.    
Have a Dandy Week!

       We had a somewhat cooler week but Saturday it got very hot again!   The humidity was up, and afternoon highs went to 94° and it was hot around the sale!   The stock did really good only losing a couple of head.   The crew did good drinking plenty of fluids and kept moving along until we were done.   Sunday cooled off decent and Monday was beautiful as we received a little much needed rain!   The forecast looks good with a chance of rain again Tuesday and highs thru the weekend not over 80°.
        The hog sale had over 200 head and sold to a mostly steady market.   Fat hogs were pretty much $64 to 80.  Fair hogs on the low end and dirt hogs at the upper end.   Sows sold up to $82 on a small package of 560-pound girls.   Most of the sows were four weights and sold $60 to 70.   A few pigs ranging from 30 to 90 pounds sold from 80¢ to over a $1.00 a lb.
        The sheep and goat sale had 800 head this week and featured several consignments of replacement or breeding quality sheep and goats.   A very large crowd gathered up for some awesome quality to start a flock or add on to an existing project.   A top set of open black face ewe lambs averaging 125 pounds brought $375 per head.   A package of 2 to 5 year old open ewes sold at $225 to 300 per head.   Eight head of open Katahdin ewe lambs weighing 74 pounds brought $300.   A top end set of breeding bucks sold from $325 to 400 per head. 
        Several quality does went home for $200 to 300 per head.   The billies were in strong demand with four billies selling from $585 to 950 per head.   Demand was sure solid through the entire sale this week.   As we were rolling thru the sale Saturday one of the funniest things I have seen happened.   Jimmy sold choice of a very nice pair of Boer billies.   These two billies were raised together and were real buddies.  First choice cost $950 and they picked the traditional marked billy.  Brian was working the ring and let him out holding in the dark all red billy to sell next.   Jimmy started right back in selling him as Brian shut the ring door and the goat was left alone in the ring.  Jimmy started him at $300 and was asking for $350 and this red billy, finding himself lonesome started hollering for his buddy that just left the ring.  Now his call for his buddy sounded just like someone hollering in a bid, so Jimmy took it and went to $400 asking for 450 and on cue that billy hollered again, and Jimmy asked for $500, sure enough right on cue, he hollered again, and Jimmy moved up to $600.   At that time, he looked my way and just like a deer in the headlights realized what had happened.  He got the funniest look on his face and stopped selling.  He says, “We have a problem here and one guy knows what happened.   This billy has been bidding on himself and I have been taking him!”   Boy, I about croaked,  it was so funny.   The end of the story is Jimmy started all over and went from $300 to 775 where the noisy billy found himself a new home!   I have watched it on replay a half dozen times and it cracks me up every time!
        The outside sale saw the hay market from $3 to 6.50 on small squares and $60 to 75 on big rounds.    A large run of all kinds of merchandise kept Logan busy until close to 1:00 this week.
        Baby calves sold from $150 to 300 with some two weights going on up to $750 per head.   Middle aged, bred cows due this fall sold from $1400 to 1750.  Middle aged cows with summer calves sold from $1650 to 1800.   A light run of feeders but very large run of weigh cows selling over 200 again this week.   The market is up again with several cows over $90 and a top at $1.07 and ever $1.18 on a fat five-year-old cow!   Lots of lean cows in the $80’s and good bulls sold mostly $1.10 to 1.20.  
        The sweet corn patch is beginning to produce a few nice ears.  If we can just keep the darn coons out of it, the girls are going to be very busy the next several days!
        An outstanding line up of awesome yearlings coming up this Saturday August 20th
Have a Dandy Week!

        Boy it was hot and humid last week! With highs kissing 100 degrees and 85% humidity, it made it horrible going into last weekend. Monday it finally changed with a cold front coming through that dropped anywhere from a tenth to a half inch of rain again. It is still dang dry, but the crop is holding on barely, but the grass is pretty much toasted. Surprisingly the alfalfa is trying to make one more cutting. Lucas moved his third cutting and it sure looks nice! The forecast still looks dry and not as quite as hot as last week.

         We cautioned consignors about moving livestock in the heat and the run was slowed down Saturday. Hog market was mostly $60.00/100lb on show hogs to $91.00/100lb on the top outside hogs. Sows topped at $94.00/100lb this week. Boars are pretty much $5.00-10.00/ 100lb every week. There was a package of 18lb pigs that brought $25.00 a head and some 65lb brought $58.00 a head.
         The sheep market had a fancy group of dorper lambs weighing about 60lbs that brought $2.50 a lb. While lambs over 100lbs brought $1.10-1.26 a lb. Ewes were $70.00-92.00 a lb. Goat market was slightly lower. A 60-80lb goat ranged from $2.15-2.75 a lb. Nannies sold $1.30-1.80 a lb. The big billies averaged $2.40-2.50 a lb. We are having a special breeding stock sheep and goat sale this week. Check the website for all the early listings.
         The outside sale had a good summer run of small squares and light run of big round bales. The market was mostly stronger with the small square bales bringing $3-6.50/ bale. The big round bales sold at $50-75 a bale. The big square bales of grass hay sold at $45-47.50 a bale. Logan was on duty in the head and did a great job getting through everything. The old canoe brought $275, little bulk bin brought $500, JD 14T baler brought $650, along with all sorts of miscellaneous. For as hot and humid as it was last week, we sure had a good crowd.  
         We had a very light cattle sale. Baby calves brought $200-300 a hd for beef calves and Holsteins sold for $50-85 a hd. Weigh cows are climbing back up with a couple that sold over a dollar again, most sold for $80.00-95.00/ 100lb.   
         As soon as the sale was over, I grabbed a tea and a sandwich and headed to Shelbyville, Indiana. I made there and checked out the Everhart Farm, where the summer Hereford board meetings kicked off. The crop looks as good as you can make it all the way across. I never remember such a large dry area looking so darn good! The grass was green and lush, there was even some weeds growing in the cattle pens out there. It rained again this morning as I left Indianapolis. Sunday, we went to the grand drive at the Indiana State Fair. It was a big production, where all the breed champions compete for over market and breeding banners. They do an awesome job of support ag and 4-H youth at the Indiana State Fair.
I made it home this evening and even had time to look at some steers coming to the sale on August 20th and the Hereford herd at Rustic View Farms! I didn’t see very many cows in Indiana the past 3 days.
Fall bred cows and nice pairs are coming in for this week’s cattle sale. We are expecting over 150hd.

Have a Dandy Week!

Last week saw near perfect weather in our area other than we could have used a nice rain!  We were in the 80‘s for highs and 60’s or upper 50’s for lows.  The lower humidity made for a beautiful week.   This week has started off hot, highs in the 90’s and lows not much below 75.  The forecast looks to be hot and dry over the next several days.   We have slipped over the line that was receiving rain and we are getting dry very fast this week.   The little chance of a shower over night would be a true blessing!  I did see a corner of a rainbow this morning and the wind has been strong out of the east, so we will see what happens by morning.
         Saturday saw a large summer run of livestock and a big outside sale.  The hog market was stronger on heavy sows and steady on a larger run of fat hogs.   Top sows hit $85 this week with most of the sows in the $78 to 83 range when weighing over 500 pounds.  Lighter sows sold from $65 to 75.  Fat hogs topped at $77 with many selling from $60 to 70.  There were a large number of 4-H pigs here this week.   The pig market had 44-pound pigs brought $50 per head of a group of 24 head. 
         The sheep and goat market had over 500 head.  The market is continuing to recover from lows put in a couple of weeks ago.   40-to-60-pound kids sold from $2.50 to 3.15 a lb.   80-to-100-pound wethers also sold well at $2.85 to 3.00 a lb.  Nannies were $1.40 to 1.55 and billies brought from $2.30 to 2.40 a lb.  Lambs ranged from $2.00 to 2.50 up to 60 pounds and fat lambs were mostly $1.08 to 1.17.   Cull ewes sold at $75, and bucks ranged from $1.09 to 1.15 a lb. 
         The outside sale had a large run of small squares of premium alfalfa hay and some decent grass hay.  Alfalfa sold from $6.50 to a atop of 8.00.   Grass mix hay brought from $3.50 to 5.00.  Big round bales sold from $50 to 82.50 and big squares were from $40 to 80.  Hedge posts market had a larger quantity of older cut posts of just average quality.   The market was mostly $3 to 8 on lines and $7 to 15 on corners. 
         Logan had a good inventory to work thru once again.   Bridge planks that were 3X15 by 16 foot long brought $110 each, some 4X12 by 16 foot long brought $100 and some 6X18 by 16 foot long brought $75 each.  All kinds of gates, tools, chains, and misc. kept them busy until after 12 again.  A big crowd outside again and it seems like more of the crowd goes to the tall good-looking auctioneer rather than goes with the ole guy!
         The cattle sale had 800 head. Bred cows were in decent demand selling from $1400 to 1700 for middle aged fall calvers.  $1800 on a couple of middle-aged cows with summer calves a couple of weeks old.  The feeder cattle sale had a nice sample of yearlings.   Some 638-pound steers brought $1.93, 690-pound steers brought $1.98, 705-pound steers brought $1.83 and some weighing 800 pound were at $1.77 a lb.  Heifers weighing 520 pounds sold at $1.74, some 653-pound heifers brought $1.73 and some 771 pounders brought $1.00 a lb.  Demand held solid all the way thru.  Weigh cows seem to have some good footing ad maybe ready to move up.  Several cows sold from $75 to 85 with a $90.50 top.   Bulls sold mostly $95 to 1.11 a lb. 
         The boys preg checked the first group of black heifers Monday morning with good results on 11% open and 69% of the breds were AI safe.   I will sure be tickled if we can hold this average all the way thru!
         The girls sweet corn patch is shooting ears ad silking this week.  Luke has been hauling some water to it and Ben put the bug spray to it Saturday.  They have the fence up to keep the thieves out of it.  I think fly control and soda has a lasting effect!  They will monitor it close the next couple of weeks to hopefully keep the varmints out!
         We are building fence, cleaning up junk, hauling manure and yet they are roping a little!   I took off to look at yearlings and some cows last evening in Missouri.  They are greener than we are and look dang good all the way across 136.
         A regular sale this week.   Stay cool and pray for some rain!
Have a Dandy Week!
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