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March 2021  03/03/21 9:05:00 AM

            It can sure get muddy quick!  We had an all-day rain here on Thursday, then another blast early Friday morning and it was soaked everywhere.   The river has a good volume of water flowing, tiles and creeks are running so no question we will have early grass this spring.   Well, it is still March and we could get snow or at least frost for a while, so we might slow up kicking pairs out too early!   We hit 72° here today and the wind has been strong for two days now, so we are drying off some.   Depending on the next couple of days, you may see some field work occur by the weekend.
            This week’s sale saw a good run of stock in the morning and 300 head of cattle in the afternoon.  The hog sale held steady this week.   Fat hog sold from $65 to 70.   The top sows brought $81, and pigs sold for 60 to 80 cents a pound.
            The sheep and goat sale had 550 head and prices were steady on goats and slightly lower on lambs.   40-pound kids sold from $150 to 185- and 60-pound kids were from $225 to 255 a head.   Nannies sold from $200 to 260 on the good kind and billies brought $385 to 450 per head.    Light 20-to-30-pound lambs sold by the head bringing $100 to 120 per head.   50-pound lambs brought from $2.75 to 2.90 and 70 to 80-pound lambs brought from $2.40 to 2.75.   Weigh up ewes brought from $.85 to 1. And bucks were up to $1.17.
            There was a good run of hay again this week and higher big bale prices for the pretty hay and lower on the rough stuff.   The top small squares were mostly in the $5 to 6 range.   Average quality bales sold from $2 to 4.   Big round bales topped at $67.50 with a lot of it bringing $40 to 55.   Cornstalks fell off to $15 with a few bales bringing $30.    Logan was back to sell outside this week, and he sold small squares and all the misc. items.  I sold the big bales and the posts.   Anyone wanting high quality straight hedge posts should attend this week’s post sale as Bob Heald is bringing his in this week.  He has over 300 in the consignment, they are sure something to see.   Bob has been a craftsman of hedge for as many years as I can remember.   I am not sur how many more he will cut so be here Saturday to get some of the best ever!
            The cattle sale had baby calves selling from $200 to 400 and Holsteins selling from $85 to 150.   A package of nice 3rd period Red Angus cows sold at $1600.  Feeder calves were stronger on a light run.  Weigh cows and bulls sold higher.   The top bull brought $1, and the top cow was $70. 
            I spent last week working Herefords.   We put CIDRs in heifers on Tuesday, semen checked yearling bulls Wednesday and pregnancy checked fall cows on Thursday.  I delivered bulls in the rain!   Bulls dropped of from Livonia, MO to Cedar Rapids, Iowa!
            We have a special feeder cattle sale coming up this Saturday expecting close to 1000 head.
Have a Dandy Week!
I would like to add, at the Des Moines Co. Cattlemen’s meeting Bill was honored to receive the Friend of the Industry Award.   Thank you to the Cattlemen for this honor.

            The past week has had some rain, snow showers, warm and sunny, wind and cloudy.   Sometimes it was all in one day!   Yes, it is March in Iowa.  Well, it looks like another rain coming thru tomorrow and a chance again later in the week.  It was sure nice today, reaching over 60° today and mostly sunny.   I hope we see more of these days to wrap up March 2021!
            Saturday was a busy sale.  The hogs led off as usual and continued to have strong prices.  Sows sold as high as $84 and most good sows weighing over 500# sold from $77 to 82.  Light sows sold mostly $65 to 70.   Fat hogs topped at $70 with several bringing from $65 to 68.   Pigs were selling from 60¢ to $1 a pound on some nice 55-pound pigs.
            The sheep and goat sale had 800 head this week.   Lambs are lower selling from $2.50 to 3 a lb. for 50-to-80-pound lambs.   There was not much for heavy lambs in the run.  A very nice group of 4-year-old bred ewes due April 1st sold from $350 to 385 per head.    The goat market was active as usual.   33-pound kids brought $180 per head!  50-pound kids sold at $240 per head and some 60-pound kids brought $280 per head.    This market continues to impress me every week!
            I was the lone ranger out front this week with Col Logan going off to class on me!  We got thru it really well, finishing before Jimmy and crew were finished with the sheep and goat sale.   The hay market was up a little started with small squares selling from $3 to6.   Straw sold from $5 to 6 a bale.  Big round bales of grass hay sold up to $57.50, most of the bales sold from $35 to 50.   Alfalfa round bales sold from $50 to 75.   Cornstalks sold mostly from $30 to 35. 
            Hedge posts were more normal in price this week.   Line posts sold from $5 to 22 and corners brought $15 to 50.  A few sawed posts brought $30.   Several misc. items sold to a very spirited crowd of buyers.   The rabbit sale was way higher than I can remember the market being!   They brought from $7 to 15 a piece on fourteen head.   A few pies brought $9, and rolls were at $5.
            The cattle sale had 900 head of feeders this week.   Baby calves sold from $200 to 500 on beef calves.  The high seller was a fed white face heifer calf sired by a Hereford bull!   Holstein calves brought $75 to 125.    Most of the feeder run was over 650 pounds this week and the market was sure $5 to 7 higher.   Weigh cows were steady on all grades of cows and bulls. 
            This week we start setting up heifers to bred.   Boy, that came around fast!   Well, anyway the cycle continues with my Herefords being first in the lineup.  This year’s bunch sure has the markings to be one of the best groups we have started with.   I am pretty excited to see how they turn out this fall.
            A regular sale coming up this Saturday.   There will be a big run of sheep and goats again and a few extra bred cows and pairs.
Have a Dandy Week!

            The second week of March this year has been more typical for March weather.   Damp and chilly conditions that included an inch of rain.  It is cloudy and high in the 40’s has been not as nice as the first week.    A very bad snowstorm hit a large part of the west causing all kinds of challenges for livestock people to take car of their animals.   I am sure thankful that we missed that and pray that those folks come thru in good shape.   They will at least have plenty of moisture for spring grass to get coming!   The forecast looks like rain and may a little snow Wednesday, then warmer and nicer into the weekend.  
            Saturday was another big day in Keosauqua!   Wow, stock and hay are really moving right now.   The hog market was very strong again this week.   Fat hogs sold from $63 to 68.   Sows held on to the gains of the past couple of weeks and the ones over five hundred pounds sold from $78 to 83!  Feeder pigs commanded decent demand with a few packages of 4H pigs and smaller groups selling around a dollar a pound and roasters ranging from 60¢ to 75¢ a lb. 
            The sheep and goat market eased up slightly.   60-pound lambs topped at $3.05 a lb.   Lambers over 100 pounds topped at $1.87.   Cull ewes and bucks sold from $95 to 1.15.   Kid goats weighing from 40 to 60 pounds brought $200 to 240 a head for boer cross kids.   Big wethers sold up to $335.   Big billies hit $485 and big nannies sold up to $325 per head.  
            The outside sale was loaded with hay and straw again this week.   850 big bales and 2300 smalls squares sold this week.   Logan sold small squares ranging from $2 to 6 with the bulk from $3 to 5.   Straw sold from $2.50 to 3.75.   I sold the big bales and the market slipped off about $5 a bale.   Round bales sold from $32.50 to 52.50 with the bulk at $40 to 45.   Corn stalks and straw sold from $22.50 to 30.  Big squares brought from $20 to 50.   I believe if you have room to store some hay inside there is terrific opportunity at these prices to prepare for next year. 
            Logan sold machinery and misc. to a very active crowd of bidders.   I sold the hedge post to an equally aggressive group of post buyers!   There was a large run of posts and the quality was pretty darn good.   The line posts 8 feet long sold from $7 to 40!  10-foot corner posts and braces sold from $25 to 97.50 on a nice straight stack of 20 posts!   Quite a few corners sold for over $50 this week.  It was one heck of a sale out front with a really great crowd.
            The cattle sale started off with over 30 baby calves.   Holstein babies ranged from $75 to 150 and beef calves ranged from $200 to 450.   A little group of heifer pairs sold at $1925 while the bulk of the middle aged third period cows sold from $1500 to 1750.  Aged pairs brought $1000 to 1300 and short solid and aged bred cows sold from $900 to 1300.   A big run of weigh cows again will turn out selling from $75 to 1.00 and the top fat cows brought up to $68.   Bulls sold from $75 to 97 by the lb. this sale. 
            I have had a group of pairs at home that I have needed to get tagged.   Usually, I tag them the first day after they are born, but this group came thru the below zero stretch in February and I just tied the tags around their necks until I could get time to tag them after it warmed up.  Well last Friday, I got them done.   Dang, they sure do grow fast in a couple of weeks!   They were a handful for this old boy!  I finally put the most of them thru the head gate where I could handle them!  I am sure glad to get them tagged and kicked out before it rained. 
            I am expecting another big run this week.  The Easter market should perk up the sheep and goat market for the next two sales.   The hog market feels like it will stay good even if it backs off a little.
            A feeder cattle special coming up this week should have good interest in all weights and classes.
Have a Dandy Week!

            This year puts a new meaning into March coming in like a lamb!   If March goes out like a lion and the lion is as mean as the lamb was nice, it will be ugly!  I think I will continue to enjoy this really beautiful start to spring and hope for the best at the end of the month.   The forecast looks for some showers from Wednesday into Friday but not real cold again.   The rye is sure greening up nice where we don’t have too much pressure on it.  A little warm rain and the mushrooms will be popping up!
            Saturday grew into one of the largest runs of livestock we have ever had.  The hog sale had 450 head and the market was very strong again.   Sows over 600 pounds topped at $83.50.   Many sows sold for over $77. Fat hogs sold from $62 to 70 this week.  Feeder pigs sold from $35 to 45 per head for pretty much all weights and classes.
            The sheep and goat sale had 600 head and that market doesn’t seem to slow down for anything.   Feeder dairy billies weighing 26 pounds sold for $95 per head.   35-pound boer kids brought $160 per head.   50-to-70-pound kids sold for $220 to 270 per head.  Billies sold from $300 to 400 and nannies brought $200 to 315.
            Lambs were just as active with some fancy new crop lambs coming thru now.  40-to-60-pound lambs ranged from $3.20 to 3.40 per lb.   70-to-85-pound lambs sold for $2.80 to 3.10 per lb.   A very fancy set of 91-pound lambs brought $2.95 per lb.   Weigh ewes were $90 to 1.15 per lb. and bucks brought from $1 to 1.15 per lb.
            The outside sale was loaded with hay again.  The 1800 small square bales sold from $1.50 to 7.   Straw brought from $3.50 to 4.75.   Big round bales sold from $30 on the smaller string tied to a top of $60 on net wrapped brome grass.   Corn stalk round bales brought from $25 to 35.   Big squares looked to be a good buy with grass bales at $30 to 40 and alfalfa bringing $40 to 55.  In 45 minutes, we can sell 850 big bales in 50 lots. 
            Logan finished the small square bales first, so he sold the misc. items.   The crowd was big and very active this week.   Two separate horse trailer, older bumper hitch kind brought from $1200 and 1100.   Fiberglass calf huts sold up to $325.   Hedge posts topped at $40 for corners.   The portable feed shed brought $500.   The rabbit market was at $5 this week.
            The cattle sale was loaded with numbers and quality.   Baby calves sold from $250 to 400 for beef calves and $75 to 125 on the dairy ones.   A couple of groups of 5-year-old bred cows in the third stage sold from $1500 to 1800.   The feeder cattle market was way better than I expected.   Corn is still high; fats are struggling, and weaker futures had me concerned going into Saturday.   We started off selling 250 weight calves from $400 to 500 per head.   350 pound black white face bulls calves brought $1.92.   Red angus steers weighing 502 pounds brought $1.80.   The top group of 680-pound steers brought $1.50.   Red steers averaging 765 pounds brought $1.35 and some 855-pound crossbred steers brought $1.29.   Heifers weight 425 pound sold at $1.59 and a package of red heifers weighing 503 brought $1.54.   A load of yearling heifers averaging 703 pounds brough $1.29.  Weigh cows held fairly steady on both lean and fleshy cows.   Bulls brought from $75 to 80.   When we finished Saturday night, 2115 head of cattle went thru the ring.   The crew was sure glad to see the last one!   They did a remarkable job keeping the stock moving all day long.  I was sure proud of all of them! 
            There is a cow sale coming up next week and lots of hay again!
Have a Dandy Week!


            March has come in like a lamb!  We have been warm and sunny most of the week.   Our snow has pretty much all melted off and places are even beginning to dry off some.  It was 50° today and it sounds like maybe 60° by the weekend.  What a difference a week can make.  The cattle are sure relaxing in the sun and stopped eating quite as much!   The deer are out picking around and also soaking up some sunshine.  It is such a relief to come out of the cold and get this warm up.  The forecast looks awfully nice for the next 10 days with a chance of spring showers later next week!
            Saturday was sure nice, and folks moved livestock and hay into the market.   The hog sale had nearly 400 head and the market was on fire.   Sows from 500 to 700 pounds sold from $75 to 80.   Fat hogs ranged from $63 to 67 on the high end and 40-pound pigs sold for $55 per head.    That is as high as sows have been for several years!
            The sheep and goat sale was loaded up with dang good quality and nearly 600 head.   The market continues to be very strong on all parts of this sale.   The high end 50-to-60-pound kid goats sold at $240 to 267 and some weighing 90 pounds brought $305 per head.   Big nannies were mostly $200 to 300 and a couple of does with babies at side sold for $125 counting noses.    Lambs weighing in the 45-to-65-pound range sold mostly $3 to 3.35 a lb. and some 123-pound lambs sold at $2.10 a lb.   Ewes sold from $1 to 1.20 a lb.
            The outside sale had the largest run of hay for the year.   Logan sold the small squares this week.  There were 2561 small squares out front this week.  The market was lower with the bulk of the hay in the $2 to 4.50 range.   There were 17 stacks of hay that sold from $5 to 7.   Straw held good demand at $3 to 4.50 and cornstalks sold from $4 to 4.50 per bale.   Big rounds were softer as well as folks see intake of the cow herd backing off as the temperature warming up.   Boy, they were eating some serious hay when it was cold!   Most decent hay was $40 to 50.   String tied or small bales or CRP hay fell under $40 to maybe $30.   The best bigger net wrapped grass hay brought $50 to 60 and big squares ranged from $35 to 60.  Net wrapped corn stalk bales were $35 to 40.  Wet wrapped rye bales brought $30.    Good quality hedge posts found a way back to the sale this week and the market reacted strongly.   The best corner posts sold up to $45 and good lines sold from $20 to 25 a piece.   There was a very large crowd outside and inside this week.   The kitchen sold out of a lot of items this week! 
            The cattle sale this week featured bred cows and heifers as well as a few pairs.   The pairs sold from $1750 to 1900 on middle aged cows with calves.   Bred heifers were mostly $1800 to 2000 and 3- to 6-year-old cows sold from $1800 to 2200 for the better-quality cows.  Feeder cattle sold high on light weight calves and steady on the heavier weights.   Weigh cows were a couple of dollars lower this week. 
            I took off last Tuesday morning from Fairfield and went to Athens, Texas to look at some Hereford cattle.  It was 20 and snow everywhere here and when we got toTexas it was 74° and bare ground everywhere!   The cold had been very brutal to those folks with water lines broke in homes and in the ground.   It will be weeks before they get everything repaired.   There is a big shortage of plumbers and parts to get everyone fixed back up.   Cattle were grazing on oats by the end of February down there.   Man, that was hard to take!   I didn’t buy any thing except some fuel, but really enjoyed the visit we had that day.
            Calves are doing good in the warm temperatures.  Most are scattered out in the pastures and they spend time running, bucking, and playing.
            A special feeder cattle sale this weekend expecting 1000 head.
Have a Dandy Week!
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