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December 2020  12/08/20 3:54:00 PM

            The past week of weather ha been pretty nice for late December.   Early last week the highs went clear into the high 50’s, Thursday saw the cold move in on Christmas Eve and temperatures were just single digit on Christmas morning.   Saturday it warmed all the way back up to 39° and felt really nice again!   The forecast is calling for some snow, rain, and ice on Tuesday into Wednesday to close out the year.   The fall of 2020 has sure been one of the very best weather years on record for south east IA!   We hope the change this week is short lived, and we get into January with open dry ground!   Hoping, I said!
            Saturday’s sale was a short one to round out the year with.   The hog market was steady with six weight sows brining $38, fat hogs topped at $46 and 69-pound pigs brought $65.
            The sheep and goat markets were as good as if Santa was there himself!   Fat kid goats weighing 80 pounds sold for $225 per head.   Lighter kids weighing 65 pounds brought $237 per head.   Lambs that weighed 70 pounds brought $2.90 and weigh up ewes sold at $1.07 a lb.
            The outside sale was sure a nice day to sell hay.   Small squares topped at $6.50 with most bringing $4 to 5.50.   Small squares of straw and cornstalks sold from $3.50 to 5.   Big round bales of hay ranged from $37.50 to 66 for mostly grass hay.   Cornstalks sold from $16 to 20 for string tied to $30 for the better net wrapped bales.   A few hedge posts had solid demand.   The hedge firewood was high at $12 a pile and the piles were not real big!
            The cattle sale had good activity for veal calves with a $400 top on a good black heifer calf.   The Holstein calves sold from $50 to 100 this week.   A light run of feeders with the bulk being six weight steers were selling from $1.40 to 1.47.   the heifer mates sold up to $1.33.   Weigh cows had higher value on those that weren’t too full!   Boy, the cows were full Saturday afternoon!   The top cows were back to $65 this week.   Most of the cows sold from $47 to 55.  Only a couple of lame bulls selling in the upper $60 to lower $70’s. 
            Saturday we were finished by 2:30 so the crew got me in gear, and we hauled cows from two pastures south of Keosauqua to Troy for Ted to calve. It worked darn good, we had the pen set and pulled in with trailers at just before 4 o’clock.   After the cows gave up and followed me to the pen, we were load and moved the pen to the next pasture.   The cows were close at that pasture and walked right into the pen.  We had both pastures loaded and on the way to Ted’s by dark Saturday evening.   Sunday morning Colby, Hannah and Curt helped me get the last two groups moved to our house for the winter.   It was good to have them home now, but so thankful for the extra long fall and awesome grazing into December this year.
            Christmas day all of our crew came to our house for lunch and some time together.   Becky’s folks and sister joined us for a really good feed and fellowship.  I will have to admit Layne was sure the sparkle to the gathering!   The energy level in the front room sure picked up this year as we passed out gifts!   It was a really good time together!
            A special feeder cattle sale to lead off 2021 with this Saturday.
Have a Dandy Week and a Happy New Year!!

            Man, this December weather has been nice!  We have been in the 40’s and 50’s in the afternoon with just beautiful clear skies.   The nights might get below freezing but it has been an awesome December.   A cold spell is coming in on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day but then warming up into next week again.   Folks have sure caught up on all kinds of projects over the past month with this weather!   Anhydrous application, fertilizer, fence building, dirt work and cow work.  I am sure thankful to have seen this beautiful stretch of weather (saved a lot of feed as well!)
            Saturday was busy as usual.   The hog sale led off with pretty steady market.   Fat hogs were $37 to 42.   Sows ranged from $36 to 38 on ones over 500 pounds and $29 to 37.50 under 500 pounds.   Pigs sold with strong holiday momentum.  91-pound pigs brought $74 per head and 100-pound pigs brought up to $85 per head.   There are two more weeks of strong pig prices if you have any around that need moved!
            The sheep and goat sale had over 500 head and held very steady prices.   Kid goats that averaged weight 38 pounds sold for $120, 48-pound kids brought $165 and 60-pound kids were up to $192.50.   The top end does ranged from $220 to 265 and billies brought 290 to 385 per head.  A group of lambs that averaged 37 pounds sold for $3.25 a lb., some 42-pound dorpers brought $3 and some 58-pound smooth lambs brought $307.  We sold a couple of groups of replacement bred ewes again this week.   The running age ewes bred to start in January brought $235 to 275 on the top set of whiteface ewes bred to Hampshire rams.   This market has remained very solid over the past month.
            Logan and I both started outside at the same time this week.  I sold over 1000 small squares and 400 big bales and finished about 11:30. Logan had his personal clerk (thanks Remi) and wouldn’t have had half the items I had sell and he finished an hour after I did!  They did a good job just takes some time to sell those misc. items!   The little Auggie feed wagon brought $3500.  Hedge posts sold from $20 to 40 for corners and $7 to 15 for lines.   Firewood sold $5 to 15 per pile and takes a few piles to make a load.  
            The cattle sale had 1296 head this week.  The market was very active on all classes except baby calves thy were just $50 to 200.  Most of the run this week fell from 600 to 750 pounds.   Five weight steers topped at $178, six weights topped at $150 and seven weights topped at $143.   The heifers saw 450-pound heifers top at $156, five weights at $148, six weights topped at $139 and some 785-pound yearling heifers brought $132.   Weigh cows were a buck of two lower on lean cows and $5 lower on the fat cows.   This week’s top cow was $60 and most of the cows were in the upper $40’s and lower 50’s. 
            Sunday was busy loading out.  Gabe took the early shift as Colby and Hannah traveled to Hannah’s grand parents for Christmas.  I got there to relieve him at a little after 8.  He had the biggest part of the cattle already loaded out.  I was hoping to move some cattle at the farm, and I didn’t find an opening to make that happen yet!!  I did take time to go check cows Sunday evening and it was really pretty as the sun went down.  The boys revaccinated a set of heifers yesterday before the weather changed.  It seems like cattle are growing well over the past month.  
            I have been checking in and helping my Mom mover over the last while.   Today I stopped in to see her and see if she needed anything.  She needed some groceries and some medicine from Wells Pharmacy in Bloomfield, so I ran up to get it for her.  I went and got groceries first then headed over to the pharmacy.  I pulled in walked inside and told the girl I was picking up for Mom.  I had called before I went to town.  The Gal at the counter couldn’t find what I was there for and asked to see the empty box I had.  She said, “this script was last filled at Wells Pharmacy.”   “Ya, I know.   Oh, crap I am in Hy Vee Pharmacy!   “Well, young lady can you please tell me where Wells Pharmacy is?”  She kindly did and out the door I went.  It was sure easier to pick up when I got to the right place!
            A regular sale this Saturday.   The outside sale may be pretty big.
A special cattle sale coming up Jan 2nd to lead off the New Year!
Have a Dandy Week!


            The weather Friday night was picture perfect last week, clear blue skies and up to 60° on Wednesday!  After almost 2 inches of rain on Friday, we received 4 to 6 inches of snow at Libertyville and very little snow at Keosauqua.  It remained cold over the weekend dropping to the mid-teens on Monday night.   It froze up good at Keosauqua but was pretty muddy under the snow at home.   The forecast looks like it may warm up a little into the 40’s and a chance of snow next weekend again.  
            The past week has been a busy one here in Keosauqua!  We had a big feeder sale a week ago, then had to get cleaned up and loaded out on Monday.  Tuesday, we reloaded the barn with heifers for the Wednesday sale.   The weather was fairly crisp and chilly on Tuesday, but the boys still drove all the commercial heifers to the sale barn from the farm.  We brought them in two separate groups from the farm and crossed Highway 1 just north of the bank and then crossed the fairgrounds and in the back of the sale barn.  They moved all 400 head in about an hour and a half to two hours.   Traffic wasn’t bad at that time of the morning.   We are lucky to have the sheriff help us across the highway to make sure we didn’t have any trouble.  Thank you very much Dan Tedrow and deputies!
            The boys sorted up those heifers thru the afternoon and Curt and Rick help me get the Herefords moved in and settled.  The crew works together all year getting ready for this sale.  They really look forward to it, but they are glad to get it behind them as well!   The sales were both very good Wednesday!  The Herefords sold for an average of $2516 and the 3-year-old Angus cows averaged $2355 and the heifers averaged $1866.   All the averages were up from last year.  Thank you so much to all the repeat customers and the many new buyers at this year sale.  We wish you all the very best with this year’s females.  We loaded the last of that sale out Friday and already had cattle coming in for Saturday’s sale!
            Saturday’s hog sale had a season high top on a group of feeder pigs.  They averaged 112 pounds and sold for $89 per head.   The pigs under 70 pounds were steady at 60 cents but those over 70 pounds were filling roaster orders and it is the season!   Sows topped at $43 with most of them at $39 to 41.   The light sows were in the low to mid $30’s.   Fat hogs were in the upper $30’s with a few outside fat hogs bringing $45.
            The sheep and goat market held very steady with 30-to-50-pound lambs topping at $3.35 a lb.  60-to-90-pound lambs sold from $2 to 2.40 a lb.   Some black face bred ewes sold at $210 to 260 per head.   The goats were also steady with 40-pound kids up to $135 per head and 60-pound lambs up to $180 per head.   Nannies sold from $150 to 240 on the nicer kind.
            The outside sale was pretty sloppy this week with all the rain.   Small square bales sold a dollar a bale higher than last week on a light run.   Big bales ranged from $7 on some weedy CRP bales up to $57.50.  Cornstalk bales sold from $20 to 30 this week.  Firewood remains low with piles only in the $4 to 7 a pile range, it might take 10 piles to a decent pickup load.   An Allis Chalmers flair box brought $420.  Logan was back to take care of over half of the outside sale this week. 
            The cattle sale was loaded with bred cows and pound cows.   The top black white face 2nd calf heifers brought $2000.   Bred heifers sold mostly $1500 to 1850 with smaller later calving group at $1350.   Middle aged 2nd and 3rd period cows brought from $100 to 1700.  Aged cows brought mostly $800 to 110.   Weigh cows topped at $68 with several fat cows bringing $60 to 66.   Cutters and canners brought $45 to 56 and bulls brought from $70 to 84. 
            We moved a group of cows off pasture today and four more bunches to get home before the weather gets really bad!  I delivered another bull today.  It has been an extra busy fall bull season for us this year.
            We have a very good run of feeders coming up this weekend with over 1000 head.
Have a Dandy Week!

            This past week has been another nice mild week of weather across our area!    Temperatures up in the 40 ‘s and 50’s in the daytime and the 20’s at night.   A couple of nights it dropped in the teens, but it sure has been nice to work the biggest part of the day!   Today was cloudy all day and really chilly.  It never did make it over 40 and it was sure not as nice as the rest of the week is supposed to be.   The forecast looks awesome for the rest of this week, it might even get into the high 50’s on Wednesday.
            Saturday’s sale was loaded up with livestock and outside merchandise.   The hog sale had over 500 head.   The market was about like last week.   Fat hogs were $2 to 4 lower with just a $46 top this week.   Most hogs that weighed 250 to 300 were selling from $38 to 43.   The sows topped at $41 on some 630 pound outside good quality girls.   The light sows sold from $28 to 36.   Feeder pigs were selling a little higher this week.   50-pound pigs sold at $43, 67-pound pigs sold at $44 and some 85-pound pigs were at $57.   I would expect pigs over 70 pounds to stay higher over the next couple of weeks
            The sheep and goat markets were slight lower this week as 60-to-70-pound lambs topped at $2.80.   There were more ewes that were exposed to lamb in January and they ranged from $210 to 260 per head.   Goats sold steady on the boer kids and a little softer on the dairy cross kids.   40-pound kids brought $130, some weight 55 pound brought $165 and some 75-pound kids sold at $205.  Nannies sold from $175 to 240 and the top billy brought $325.
            The outside sale was bigger than the past couple of weeks and Col. Logan took a vacation day on me!   So, we went to work selling hay like normal and the market was sure steady.   Small squares brought $3 to6.50 and straw sold from $3.50 to 4.50.   Cornstalks small squares sold from $3 to 4.   Big bales of hay sold from $50 to 65 and cornstalk net wrapped bales brought $27.50 to 35.   There were a few fancy corner posts that topped at $95 each! Several misc. items in this week’s sale that sold to a very active crowd of bidders.   A bumper hitch stock trailer brought $700.  A home-made catch chute brought $600.  Firewood seems fairly cheap, but I am sure the first cold snap, it will jump up!  Jimmy finished up inside in good time, so he stepped out front to help me finish up this week.  I think he kinda misses selling out front anyway! Or Not!
            The cattle sale had 1160 head thru the ring.  Baby calves ranged from $200-375 for beef calves and $50-100 for the dairy calves.  A few middle-aged cow calf pair brought $1600.  The feeder market was solid on cattle under 600 pounds and lower on the heavier weights.  Feeders that are still struggling to get a good value out of fat cattle is affecting heavy feeder prices.  Four weight steers sold at $1.84 and the top five weight steers were at $1.74.  A good pen of   steers sold at $1.44 and some weight 785 pounds sold at $1.35.  Light heifers sold from $135 to 1.45 weigh in the low four weights with some in the upper three weights bringing up to $1.65.   A nice set of Red Angus heifers weighing 640 pounds brought $1.31.  The weigh cow sale had a big run with over 200 head.   The market slipped a couple more dollars lower.   The top cows sold from $60 to 67 while a large number of cows sold in the $50’s.   The top bull was at $82.  The sale finished at 8:00.
            Sunday was a really pretty day and we loaded out pretty steady all day.   Lucas chored and slipped off to a team roping.  Ted worked on catching up at home, he is having some tractor grief!  Colby helped me then went to his - in the evening.  Curt was on set up for Hollywood!   Lauren had a day of pictures at the sale barn with two Holstein calves.   There was a steady line of folks coming thru to get their pictures taken at the ole smelly sale barn with the baby calves.   Boy, they take picture taking pretty serious!  I do to but, my heifers need to look just right in the sale catalog!
            A busy week here at the sale barn.  We cleaned up and tried to get everything loaded out today.  Tomorrow is move in day for the Big Bend heifers and my Hereford heifers.  The sale is Wednesday at 1:00 for the Hereford heifers and 5 p.m. for the Big Bend heifers.  We invite everyone out for one or both sales.   Laure will have meals at each event that will be worth the trip!   The cattle look really good this year.  I hope you can stop thru and see them and maybe find a spot for some to add to your herd.
            There is bred cows and heifers coming in Saturday Dec 12th.  Check out the early listings!
Have a Dandy Week! 
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