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May 2020  05/05/20 2:06:00 PM

            The holiday weekend should have given me a chance to get the news out early this week and here I am just getting done Wednesday morning!  We have warmed up and continue to get showers around the area.   We have been up to 80° most days and have had a half inch in six showers here around Keosauqua.  There are areas near by that have had over an inch in two or three rains!   Yesterday it looked rainy all day, but it never did much in Keosauqua.   Plenty of rainbows last evening around, that should indicate clearer weather ahead!   The forecast seems to agree after tomorrow maybe.  We will see what happens after Thursday.   The hay mowers are hooked up and ready to roll! 
            Saturday’s sale was large for a holiday weekend.   The hog sale had 350 head.   The market was steady on fat hogs and pigs but lower on sows   Fat hogs topped at $40 and the sows were mostly $24 to 27.   Feeder pigs sold at $60 for a group of 80-pound pigs.   Several individuals continue to buy butchers for locker meat and personal use!
            The sheep and goat markets were steady on sheep and slightly weaker on goats.  Lambs from 60 to 80 pounds ranged from $1.65 to 1.85 a lb.   Ewes were still in the 70’s and bucks sold up to a dollar a lb.    the goat market remains strong as competition for good quality slaughter animals is very active.   40 to 60-pound kids are holding close to $3 a lb. with a few packages over that.   Nannies and billies were slightly lower but a couple of fancy Boer does sold for $300.         
            The outside sale had a light run of small squares.   The market was solid at $4 to 8.  There was no straw this week.  Big round bales of hay were pretty steady at $40 to 55.   Cornstalk round bales brought $35 to 37.50 and other bedding bales were $20 to 30.   Flower baskets remained at $15 to 25 and the tomato plants were from $8 to 12.   We will be selling all kinds of merchandise out front again this week May 30th.  
            This week’s cattle sale had several pairs, bred cows and bulls.   The top selling pairs were 5 Red Angus heifers with calves that sold for $2100.   Most of the middle-aged pairs sold from $1400 to 1800.  Older pairs ranged from $110 to 1300.  Breeding bulls were mostly $1500 to 2400.  Weigh cows and bulls were steady to a little higher.  The top cow brought $70 and the top bull was at $101.50 on a 2200-pound outstanding individual. 
            Over the weekend there was a noticeable increase in traffic around here!   Folks are moving around way more than 30 days ago!   As summer gets closer and fair season approaches, some counties have decided to cancel, and some will continue with events.   It sure seems like people are strongly interested in going forward in a safe and respectful manner.   Some folks are definitely interested in going at different speeds than others.  It is no different than driving down the highway in my opinion.   There are people on the highway that only drive 55.  There are some who don’t feel safe at more than 50, while others might choose to push the limits.   We can all be respectful to each other as we continue down the highway at whatever speed you are comfortable traveling.   In general, we can all be very thankful that the health impact in our area was not as bad as in the higher populated areas.   Let’s hope the summer sun continues to melt the bugs back and people can continue getting back to normal!
Have A Dandy Week!!

            We don’t really need anymore rain for a little bit!  Thursday evening a good thunderstorm went thru here leaving 3 to 4 inches of rain in a short time.  Most of the ground took it ok but several fields of fresh planted ground lost several tons of topsoil in the rushing water.   The ponds are full now going into the summer.  Creeks and streams are all flushed out and flowing good for now.   The grass and hay sure jumped after the rain giving up hope for a good first cutting.   The area forecast is calling for temperatures to warm up more and expecting 80° plus by next weekend. 
            Saturday’s sale was big! The weather was nice, the markets are strong, and folks were eager to be out doing some business.   The hog sale led off with a larger run of everything porcine related!   Sows made a strong move up selling from $44 to 47 for the good sows over 500 pounds.   Fat hogs sold at $30 to 38 for most outside hogs.   Confinement hogs sold at $22 to 25.   Feeder pigs had very solid demand for all weights   39-pound pigs brought $42.50 and 68-pound pigs sold at $58.   It sure was good to see so many different buyers engaged in the hog sale! 
            The sheep and goat sale was over the top selling way over 1000 head this week.  There were still trailers backed up 10 deep at both chutes to unload when I went outside to sell hay at 11 a.m.!   The market continues to be high on goats and sheep.   Kid goats sold mostly at $3 a lb. and even some 98-pound wethers brought $285 per head.   Cull nannies brought $150 to 260 per head and the top billy sold at $485.     Lambs under 70 pounds sold from $1.75 to 2 a lb.  Some 80 to 95 lambs sold from $1.70 to 1.85 and a top set of 127-pound fat lambs were at $1.31.   Weigh up ewes were 65 to 85 cents a lb.   Old bucks were 99¢ to $1.15 a lb. 
            The outside sale was lighter than the past couple month’s sales.   Small squares were very strong with a $15 top on 25 bales of nice mixed hay.   Straw bales were $2.50 to 3.50 per bale.   Big round bales had net wrapped grass as well as some wet wrapped grass hay, cornstalks and the first 8 new crop alfalfa hay of the year!   Most hay was $45 to 60.  The stalks were $30 to 32.50 and those new crop bales brought $22.50.  It was pretty in the bale, but very high moisture and was already smelling bad in the bale Saturday.   Not much for hedge posts this week.  We did have apple trees at $28 and flower baskets from $15 to 22.   Tomato plants already 2 ft tall and blooming brought $8 to 15. 
            The cattle sale had over 1000 head this week.   Feeder cattle are sure selling strong as cattle feeders reload pens and pastures for the summer.   Weigh cows were steady on 140 head this week.   The top cow was at $70 and the top bull brought $1.   We finished up about 9 p.m. and the crew was glad to get thru it all!
            Sunday, we loaded most of the day and we were AIing the first batch of the last group we are breeding this spring.   Today was a big day with 96 head in the morning and 82 head in the evening.   By noon Monday we will have all the Big Bend heifers out to pasture for the season.   Yahoo! 
            This week will be a cow and bull sale.  We should have 15 to 20 head of good breeding age bulls as well as some pairs and bred cows.   I always like the market around the holiday weekend.   Packers need supply for the start of the week and usually plenty of folks around just to get out of the house!
Have A Dandy Week!!

            It has been downright cold and chilly here for three or four days now.  It was 28° here Saturday morning and had everything white at daylight.   The sun came out and it was a pleasant day with highs getting to 55° or so.   Sunday morning it was very windy, and the temperatures were just in the 40’s to start the day and it added with a little light rain and mist!   It was downright chilly for sure.   A couple more days of cooler temperatures then warmer with a chance of rain later this week it should really do us a lot of good.
            Saturday’s sale had 250 hogs, 510 sheep and goats, and 680 cattle.   The hog sale had great interest in feeder pigs this week with better 80 to 90-pound pigs brought $55 to 65 per head.   Fat hogs sold from $30 to 38 for good butchers and $24 to 30 for light hogs under 200 pounds.   A very light run of sows this week!
            The sheep and goat market was sure a highlight at this week’s sale!   Four very aggressive buyers on all classes of sheep and goats   20 to 30-pound kids goats sold over $100 per head.   Those good 50-pound kids brought up to $185 per head and 65-pound kids bit $220 per head.   Cull nannies sold from $200 to 275 and a big old billy brought $500.    Lambs were also strong, seeing higher values on those 50 to 70-pound lambs ranging from $1.75 to as high as $2.10 a lb.  the top fat lambs were at $1.50 a lb. this week.   Weigh up ewes sold from $80 to 95 per cwt.  The bidding was extremely spirited at this week’s sale making it a fun sale to be a part of!
            The hay and post sale had good interest in small squares from $3.50 to 8.   We had calls for small squares of straw but did not have any brought in for the sale.  Big round bales were darn nice for this time of the year.   The market was steady on net wrapped bales at $40 to 60.   Big squares (3X3X8) bales of alfalfa sold at $75.   The hedge post sale had a very wide rang of quality and kind.  Some of the used posts only brought $5 a pile and the better line posts brought $15 to 20.  Corners sold up to $35 and the best 5X5 10 ft long square posts sold for $40. 
            The apple trees were at $25 and rose bushes brought $17.   Flower baskets were higher on 20 from two separate consignors.   The majority of those pretty baskets were $15 to 20.   It was a darn nice day to be out front with a group of folks interested in doing business the auction way!
            This week’s cattle sale was mostly bred cows and pairs going back out to nice fresh grass!   Baby calves led off the sale bringing $20 to 60 for Holsteins and $250 to 350 for beef calves.   The top set of black and black white heifer pairs averaged weighing 1125 pounds and they brought $2125.   Several drafts of 5 to 8-year-old black cows with black and black white calves brought from $1700 to 1900.   Short solid and aged pairs ranged from $1200 to 1350.   Fall calving 5 to 8-year-old cows due from October to December averaging 1200 pounds brought $900 to 1300.  The top selling Angus bull was consigned by Ken Hartzell and the nice yearling brought $3100.  The balance of the bulls brought $1700 to 2400.   Feeders were just all kinds and didn’t’ really establish a trend.  Weigh cows were steady from $55 to 67 on the good quality on $95 on the top weigh bull.   There were 13-pound bulls and over 100 cows.
            We are sure thankful to have awesome consignors and buyers who chose to do business with us every week over the past couple of months.  The atmosphere around the sale has been very interesting as we have had to work thru the weeks of the pandemic.  Patrons started out doing business as usual and then transitioned into a smaller group of essential buyers and now as we are moving back toward a more normal operation, folks are very eager to get back to the auction.   I am sure without a doubt that those of us in agriculture are so much better off thru the past few weeks just being able to do our chores in the great outdoors and not have to be locked up in a house or apartment in the city.
            As of Friday, only one beef packing plant at Schuyler NE was shuttered.   Every other plant was up and running and trying to get back to capacity production.   Fat cattle bids climbed back to $1.15 on Friday and $1.20 plus is in range for next week!   We are going to come thru these times with packing plants continuing to run a full capacity and producers are establishing more local retail meat trade!   With the run up in box beef prices to $4.50 plus a pound, you know packers will not back that off as fast as it went up.   We may not get our share at the producer level but there is room for a large run up I fed cattle values ahead! 
            Reds at the Big Bend sale is this Wednesday evening May 13th at 6 p.m.   This is an outstanding line up of red influenced heifer pairs, cow pairs, open spring & fall replacements as well as fall breds and a few bulls.   The cattleman’s will be preparing hamburgers at 5 p.m., so come have a burger and enjoy a super set of red cattle! 
Have A Dandy Week!!

            The planters have had a banner week around here!   There are several fellas that are finished with corn and a long way thru their bean planting.  We have been sunny and warm with highs in the 70’s much of the week.  It turned cooler today and rained south of us with a fair amount of wind.   The forecast is for more good weather this week and just a slight chance of rain one day.   We really could use a warm rain.  There was a shower that went by Friday and Sunday that missed us and today we got less than a tenth.   If we miss a rain on Sunday after the rain fell on Easter Sunday, it might be a point of concern!
            Saturday’s sale was a dandy!   The weather was gorgeous, and the stock came to town.  The hog sale was steady to a little higher even though there is a lot of negativity in the hog business.   Fat hogs sold from $25 to 33 and sows were mostly $20 to 24.  The pigs weighing from 60 to 80 pounds were in the $35 to 50 per head range.   Roaster buyers and feeders are both bidding on feeder pigs right now and helps us hold a respectable market.
            The sheep and goat market was on fire!  Strong market competition had prices as high as they have been all year!   Kids at 50 pounds got almost to $200 per head!   The cull does helped the pace bringing from $200 to 290 per head for the better-quality ones.   A couple of fat wethers that weighed 140 pounds sold at $385 per head.   The top billy bought $410 per head.   Lambs were higher but could not keep up with the pace of the goat market.   60-pound lambs had a high of $2.15 a lb.   The best fat lambs were Paul Spiekermeier’s, they weighed 120 pounds and brought $1.56 a lb. that was $9 higher than last week on the same very fancy lambs.   Great job on an excellent set of fat lambs again this year Paul!
            Outside was really nice this week with temperatures warm enough you did not need a jacket to be out there!   The hay market was mostly steady this week.  Small squares were pretty much from $3 to 8 a bale.   The round bales sold from $40 to 60 and big squares sold at $40 to 85.   Corn stalks sold from $25 to 30.   Hedge posts were back in the auction this week and buyers were interested in picking up a few.   Lines sold from $3 to 20 and corners brought from $20 to 40.   We even had flower baskets and tomato plants this week!   Baskets were $10 to 15, tomato plants brought up to $11 and apple trees brought $25.   We were finished by noon and on to the cattle sale.
            The cattle market led off with baby calves and they were in strong demand with a Holstein calf reaching $225 and a Hereford calf that brought $535.   The feeder sale was loaded up with quality and quantity this sale.   1787 head went thru the ring at a steady market on under 650 pound cattle and $10 to 15 higher on the heavier cattle.    A top set of 489-pound steers rang the bell at $1.80 and a load of 840-pound steers brought $124.50.   Light heifers weighing 418 pounds sold for $1.63 and a good eight weight yearling feeder heifer would bring $1.15.   A nice group of Angus heifers from Brian Taglauer topped the sale weighing in the 800’s and bringing $1200 per head.   Great job Brian on a very good set of heifers!   Weigh cows were $2 to 4 higher this week with a $68 top and most of them were $57 to 62.  The top bull weighed 2080 pounds and brought $1 per lb.!
            The cattle handled tough for the guys out back as temperatures touched 80° and they did not want to move.   The crew was tired by 8 o’clock when we finished the auction.  They all made it to bed by midnight after loading out and arranging the rest to be comfortable.  Sunday morning by 7 there were four pots in the lot ready to load again.  We loaded out while Luke and Layne gathered heifers at the farm to give lutelyse to.  They had those 150 thru the chute by noon and I had lunch ready for everyone at the barn.  Ted and Rachelle had sorted cows and calves at their house to haul to pasture in the morning also.   After lunch part of us went to haul pairs to pasture while Colby, Hannah and Gabe worked calves at the barn to turn out.  We had all of them moved by 5:30.   We will stay on task for the next couple weeks and then should be able to take a breath!
            This week’s sale will be a special cow sale with bred cows, pairs and some breeding bulls.
Have A Dandy Week!!
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