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Sheep & Goat Sale Early Listings  09/21/23 4:07:01 PM

        Effective April 2, 2019
USDA requires all sheep & goats to have a federal Scrapie tag.   Please have your sheep & goats tagged before consigning to the auction. 
  Have the scrapie ID number to give when you unload your animals.  There will be a $3 per head charge to tag them at barn.          
       To order official ear tags  call  1-866-873-2824. 
here for a form for your ID number to unload at Keosauqua  
Here for a form to order tags    

Sheep & Goat Sale starts immediately after the hog sale

Regular Sale  Saturday September 23rd

8 hd  50-70# Boer Kiko cross billies    H Kyle 
25 hd 110# Texel cross lambs    Carr/Mast
































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