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March 2022  03/03/22 9:25:00 AM

        Rain was the story of last week’s weather.  It was a slow steady rain for most of three days leaving 2.5 to 3 inches total.  It was sure saturated and made it so sloppy wet!   The sun came out, cooled down below freezing, the wind blew and by this morning it was pretty decent getting around again.   A couple more days like this, then a chance of rain and snow to send March out!  This month came in like a lamb, so will likely get ornery going out!
        Saturday was a regular sale.   Regular is big anymore!   The hog sale had over 600 head this week.   The sows went back to $1.00 a lb. on those weighing over 500 pounds and even the 350 to 500 lb. sows sold from $80 to 98.   Butchers were mostly in the $77 to 87 a lb. range this week.   A bigger run of pigs also this week with pigs struggling to reach a dollar a pound.   The hogs and pigs came from as far as 135 miles into the sale this week.   Most of the hogs were shipped out over 700 miles. 
        The sheep and goat sale over 500 head thru the ring.   Bottle kid goats sold from $35 on dairy up to $125 on Boer cross kids.   We had a few replacements does that sold weighing 69 pound and brought $525 per head.   Most of the kids in the 50-to-60-pound range brought $4.40 to 4.80 a lb.  Nannies sold from $2 to 2.15 a lb.   Big billies brought from $2.30 to 2.65 a lb.  Lambs sold steady to slightly higher as we are seeing an increasing number of new crop lambs.   60-to-80-pound lambs sold from $3.50 to 3.80 per lb.   A big fancy set of 96-pound lambs sold at $3.30 a lb.   Ewes with lambs at side sold at $190 count noses.   Sheep and goats that sold were from up to 175 miles away this week!
        The outside sale had small squares of hay selling from $2 to 7 and straw selling from $3 to 5 per bale.  The hedge post market was steady on the better-quality posts than last week.   A couple of longer corners brought $100, while corners posts were $25 to 50.   A fancy pile of line posts topped at $25 with most selling $7 to 15.  Several misc. items kept Col. Logan busy for over an hour!
        The cattle sale saw 600 head of a mix of cows, pairs, feeders, and several weigh ups!  The market seems to be withstanding all the negative news from around the world.   The demand was really good for baby calves as well as the assortment of bred cows and feeders this week.  Weigh cows were a dollar or two higher this week. 
        I went to a meeting in Champaign, IL last week and had to drive because the weather was too rough to fly.   I made it over and back without a speeding ticket!  Gas was $4.23 a gallon in Illinois, I hated that as well.  Beef cattle science is moving along at a very rapid pace again.  Illinois University has some very state of the art equipment in use, and I believe there to be some really cool data coming out over the next year!
        Merck representative Sara Benson stopped by yesterday at noon and explained some of the innovative technology they are rolling out.   They have a new ear tag that will show animals that are sick.  They also have a unique tag system that will detect estrus in heifers and cows.  Like I said beef technology is moving forward quickly.  I firmly believe we are in the beginning of a major change in beef production technology!   Hong on to your hats as there will be some very cool opportunities ahead of us.
        A special feeder cattle sale this Saturday expecting a very nice run.
Have A Dandy Week!

        This week has turned off rainy.  We had close to an inch on Friday, and it has rained on and off all day.  The forecast is calling for rain thru Thursday this week.  It sure doesn’t take long to get awfully muddy in this country.  The good news is that many folks that are needing rain bad are also getting some this week.  The grass is turning, rye is perking up and trees are budding, so spring appears to be close!
        Saturday was a very busy day at the market!   The hog sale led off with strong prices on a good run.   Feeder pigs sold higher with serious demand for fair pigs and roasters as well; 59-pound kids sold at $100; 69-pound pigs brought at $120 and a group of 88-pound pigs at $130 per head.   The sows topped at $93 for 668-pound sows.   Fat hogs brought $80 to 86 for the bulk of them.
        The sheep and goat sale had a good-sized run, huge crowd, and a very active market!   Kid goats topped at $4.60 to 4.80 a lb. for 60-to-70-pound better quality kids.  A select group of young breeding billies sold from $460 to 725 per head.   Cull nannies sold for $1.80 to 2.25 a lb.   Lambs sold from $3.30 to 3.80 a lb. for lambs weighing 50 to 80 pounds.   Fat lambs sold up to $2.65 a lb.  Cull ewes sold by the pound from $1.05 to 1.50.   We also had a couple of packages of bred ewes and bred ewe lambs brought $300 to 340 per head.
        The outside sale was a little smaller with the rain holding back some small squares.   Logan took a school day, so I got a good running start and was able to get everything sold before Jimmy finished the sheep and goat sale!   Small squares were from $2 to 8.50 per bale.  Big rounds sold $40 to 80.  Big rounds of stalks sold from $35 to 40.   Hedge post sold very steady.   A very big crowd brought all kinds of misc. items and rabbits sold from $2 to 7 each.  The sun was shining, and it was nice to be outside Saturday.
        With the large crowd and limited parking, folks were parking on both shoulders of the highway.  It makes it very hard to see to get on the highway safely when cars are parked close to the driveways.  So, we were notified again to have folks move their vehicles off the shoulder.  Hoping for dryer conditions to make parking less of a challenge for the next couple of sales. 
        The baby calf market was very active with beef calves $300 to 500 and dairy calves $100 to 200 per head.   The feeder cattle market was equally as strong in the face of all the ills in the world right now.  It really shows hos strong and stable the market is at this time.  Weigh cows remain very solid on over 120 head.   The top cows sold at $95!  We are marching ever closer to that dollar!   Bulls sold from $90 to 1.13 a lb.
        We started putting CIDRs in today.  It was muddy and the guys had Savannah pushing into the tub.  She got a little dirty but took it all in stride and didn’t let Colby and Ted get the best of her!   Ted did have to help her a little!  We will be on schedule from now until mid-May working to get heifers and cows all set up and AI bred. 
        We are down to the last couple of Herefords to calve and only a few black cows left.  Calves sure look like they are doing good running out, just hope the muddy conditions don’t foul them up!
        I am loading yearlings out of the country tomorrow and hop to road trip to Illinois on Thursday.  We semen checked the yearling bulls Monday and got all but two to pass on the first try.  That is a record me, I think. 
         We will have a group or two of bred cows coming this Saturday as well as a good run of everything else.
Have A Dandy Week!

        The weather here in southeast Iowa has really moderated!  We had the snow early last week, but everyday after it has warmed up.  We were over 60° today and have stayed above freezing the last three nights.   The forecast calls for a very warm and nice week ahead with highs up in the high 60’s and lows in the 40’s.   There is a chance of showers coming up towards the weekend so we will see what happens by then.  Halfway thru March it is sure looking good for calving and getting a crop in early!
        Saturday was a regular sale with a few extra bred cows.   The hog sale had a steady market with a large run of light weight sows.   The sows market was mostly $70 to 78 with a few big sows over $80 again.  Fat hogs were from $65 to 75.  A few pigs weighing 45 to 60 pounds sold from $70 to 102 per head. 
        The sheep and goat market was steady on a good run again.  Bottle lambs and kids ranged from $35 to 140 per head.   57-pound kids topped at $4.82 per lb. and even some 70-pound kids sold at $4.50 a lb.  Big billies were mostly $2.30 to 2.50 a lb. and cull nannies sold from $1.60 to 2 a lb.   A good group of bred does brought $500 per head.  Lambs were mostly 3.30 to 3.80 a lb.  Cull ewes sold from $1.25 to 1.85 and bucks were bringing $1.10 to 1.26 a lb. 
        The outside market saw a few less big bales, but a standard 1600 small square bales.  The hay market was steady at $2.50 to 5 on small squares.   Straw was steady at $4 a bale.  Big round bales sold from $30 to 65 with most selling from $40 to 50.  Straw and corn stalks bales sold from $30 to 35.  Big squares of the best quality brought $70 to 75 with average hay at $40 to 60.   The hedge post market was lower on some very good quality posts.  Corners were $20 to 40 and lines brought $4 to 15.  Squared posts were mostly $15 to 25.  It was a beautiful day to be outside with the crowd Saturday.
        The cattle sale had 300 head of mostly cows.  Baby calves were $200 to 500 on beef calves and $75 to 175 on dairy cross calves.  Bred cows had stronger demand with several bidders buying 5 to 10 head. One 5 year old pair brought $2100.  Several packages of 5 to 9 year old cows in the third period brought $1400 to 1800.  Short solid and aged third period cows were $900 to 1300.  Most first period cows or odd big cows sold better by the pound.   Weigh cows were higher again with several in the $80’s and the top getting to $1.  It won’t be long until most cows will bring $1!  Bulls were mostly $90 to 1.12 this week. 
        I took a trip to Michigan this week.  I looked at some good cattle and ate a great lunch!  I went back across Lake Michigan to Watertown, WI and looked at more cattle and the dandiest trophy room I have ever seen in a private home!  Wow was it impressive to see all the mounts and got to hear some of the stories of each hunt!   The Hereford cows are down to the last six at home now.  The older calves are sure growing fast and looking good!
        The boys had to help get a big Angus bull in last week.  They ended up tranquilizing him to get him loaded.  Dropped him off at the sale barn and he didn’t even spend the night there!   He jumped out and headed for town.   Luckily, they got him gathered up again without bothering anyone by the next evening!
        I am gathering up high quality feeder cattle for this week’s special sale.
Have A Dandy Week!

        March sure arrived like a lamb!   We were warm, sunny, and dry all thru last week.   High on Saturday got to 70°.  Those high temperatures and some added humidity produced tornados on Saturday evening across parts of Iowa.   We were under a warning while the sale was still going on about 5:30 p.m.  Phones were going off all around the barn with tornado warnings.   We kept right on selling and missed the worst with only some rain showers and a hit of wind.   Parts of Iowa were hit by tornados that were horribly destructive, leveling homes and buildings seven people were killed including some children.  Prayers to those families as they work thru this tragic time of loss, just so horribly sad for those that were hit.
        Sunday was very nice after the storm.  It warmed up some and we really didn’t get much rain.  Sunday night cooled down and it started snowing, leaving 4 to 5 inches of wet heavy snow on top of unfrozen wet ground.  Oh my, March is here for sure today!   The forecast looks like colder temperatures going into next weekend.
        Saturday’s sale was big on every part of the day!  The hog sale had a larger run with over 300 head.   The market was steady with fat hogs at $60 to 70.   Sows ranged from $75 to 82 and pigs brought $105 per head on some weighing 76 pounds.
        The sheep and goat sale had a good run with very solid demand for baby’s and feeder kids.    Baby lambs and kids sold from $70 to 130 per head.  Kid goats sold up to $4.00 to 4.35 per pound.   Lambs were mostly $3.25 to 3.90 per lb.
        The outside sale had a big run of hay again.  Small squares ranged from $1.50 to 6.50.   Straw brought $3 to 5 a bale.  I bet there are a few people wishing they would have bought a little more straw Saturday to deal with Sunday’s snow!   Big round bales sold from $30 to 65 with most at $45 to 50.   Big squares sold from $30 to 70.   Corn stalk and straw bales were from $30 to 42.   The hedge post market was steady on a nice run.  Several squared hedge posts sold from $20 to 45.  Lines topped at $40 again this week.  Corners sold mostly $25 to 40 with a few up to $60.   Two 16-foot post were up to $150.
        The cattle sale had 1200 head this week.  The past week has been rather unkind to the markets with wild grain markets affecting cost of gain projections and all the uncertainty around the world with the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  Buyers came to town to do business in strong fashion anyway!   There was very strong activity seen on cattle under 650 pounds as they were steady with two weeks ago.  Heavier weight cattle were $5 to 8 lower.   Weigh cows were steady to a couple of dollars higher.   The top cows sold from $85 to 92.   Lots of cows were in the $70 to 80.   Bulls topped at $1.17 for a 1940 good lean bull.
        Calving is down to the last few here at home, just four heifers and six cows left to go.  Luke and Cody are down to their last few heifers and the boys in Davis Co have a ways to go yet!  We are making plans for the next breeding season and putting the schedule together.  That time will be here very quickly.
        We are looking for help in the kitchen, stop in, and talk to Lauren about working.   
Have A Dandy Week!

        We have come into March with perfect weather!  It has been dry and highs in the 60’s.   I know from past experience that March is not always this nice!   The challenge could be as March leaves like a lion!  I will hope for the best and see what comes our way.   The forecast calls for a chance of showers going into the weekend and freezing back up next week.
        Saturday was a regular sale with a good balanced offering of all classes of livestock.   The hog sale had a solid market with fat hogs selling from $60 to 66.  Sows topped at $87 with most bringing $75 to 82.   Feeder pigs jumped up higher selling some 37-pound pigs at $57; and 70-pound pigs at $112 per head.   I am expecting the hog market to hold strong for the next month.
        The sheep and goat sales had a solid run with a lower market.   The top 50-pound kids were at $4.40 a lb., but most were $3.50 to 4 a lb.  A group of 90-pound fat wethers brought $2.80 a lb.  Cull nannies ranged from $1.75 to 2.15 a lb. and billies sold from $2.20 to 2.50 a lb.  Lambs topped at $4.20 a lb. for 55-pound lambs and 80-to-85-pound lambs ranged from $3 to 3.30 a lb.   There were no bred ewes this sale but continue to have folks calling expressing interest in buying some ewes bred to lamb this spring.
        The outside sale had a big run of hay and straw.  Small squares of hay were from $2 to 6 with most bringing $3.50 to 4.50. Straw ranged from $3.50 to 5 as we are in peak calving time.  Big round bales moved up slightly to see more at $50 than at $45.   Straw sold up to $35 for big squares and $45 for round bales.  It still looks like the hay market is good to put some hay in reserve for next year.   Prices will no doubt jump going into next fall with grain prices pulling more acres back to crop production and high fertilizer prices limiting the coming years hay production. The hedge post sale was active this sale with good quality in town. Top line sold at $40 and better corners were at $50 to 70.  There was an 18 foot perfectly straight one that was purchased to be a part of a display of three crosses.  Logan was back to work this week and made the outside sale go easier for me this week.
        The cattle sale had 290 head of everything.   With the world uneasy over the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we were tickled to see the market remain fairly strong on feeders and higher on weigh cows.   We are not to a dollar that I predicted yet, but we are marching right on towards that and may get there before I predicted!   The top was in the low 90’s, most cows were $70 to 80.   Bulls were $85 to 1.10 again this week.       
        Last Friday I took one of those calls that you never want to get.  Bobby Kennedy had a heart attack in his truck and passed away.   Bobby was one of those guys that could light up any room, workspace, truck stop or conversation that he came into contact with!  His quick wit and busting out laughter, put a smile and brightened everyone’s day that he ran into.  Bobby has been around this market since we have been here.  He worked in the back for years helping sort or pen.  He was helping me the day a Harold Trump 800-pound preg open heifer took out my ACL 25 years ago!   “Boy, that’s going to hurt” he said.   Bobby worked for vet services for several years here at the sale and always found a humorous and fun way to keep all entertained and make everyone’s day go by easier.   Bobby started trucking and has been countless miles, moving stock from farms to market and markets to farms.  He would rarely tell someone no he couldn’t do it.  Somehow, someway he would make it happen.  He ran many late nights and early mornings to do his absolute best to get everything picked up and delivered. 
        The world needs more Bobby Kennedys!  He enjoyed life so very much and it bubbled over into all of us.  All of us at Keosauqua Sale Co will deeply miss you, Bobby.
Have A Dandy Week!
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