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November 2020  11/03/20 11:18:00 AM

            The last week of November was dry and very mild.  The moisture we received a week ago is drying up pretty good except in the real high traffic areas.   We dipped down to 22° this morning after a windy Sunday evening.   The forecast looks to be cooler for the rest of the week but dry.   It should make for a very nice week to start December.
            Saturday had a normal run of hogs.   The market was $5 lower on sows but steady on fat hogs and pigs.   The top heavy sows sold at $43.  The top fat hogs were a couple of nice Hereford gilts at $52 and the pigs ranged from 50 to 60 cents a pound for nearly all weights.   A typey first litter white gilt nursing seven little pigs sold for $150 for the family. 
            The sheep and goat sale had 550 head and the market was sure active on all weights and classes.   The feature consignment of bred ewes was nice, crossbred ewes that were 3 years old, due in late January and sold for $310 per head. A fancy string of lambs that averaged 82 pounds brought $2.37 a lb. and some 62-pound lambs sold at $2.77 per lb.   The goat market doesn’t seem to ever let up!   Goats stay high year-round anymore.   33-pound kids sold for $120 per head.   52-pound kids brought $165 and some crossbred 84-pound kids hit $215 per head.   Billies brought $300 to a $435 top on two head that averaged 195 pounds.   They were not going home to the breeding herd!   We expect this market to remain strong clear thru the holidays!
            The hay sale had very good volume this week.   Small squares of hay sold from $4 to 6.50.   Straw, mostly wheat, ranged from $3 to 4.50 and cornstalks brought $3.   Big rounds of hay were higher with most bring $50 to 60 on net wrapped grass hay.  Big squares of alfalfa were ranging from $50 to 70 and cornstalks that were net wrapped brought $27.50 to 35. 
            There was a wide variety of misc. items, without very many hedge posts.   A post hole digger brought $300; a couple of gravity wagons sold for $450.   Boxes of all kinds of gloves brought $20 to 55 per box.  A used log splitter brought $250.   A good size gathering for this week’s outside sale. 
            Cattle sale had 500 head of everything this week.  Baby calves sold for $250 to 400 for beef type calves and $75 to 150 for dairy calves.   A few younger spring bred cows sold for $1500 to 1600 and one four-year-old Angus bull brought $1800.   Feeder cattle were some of everything and good interest with a stronger trend being felt.   Weigh cows totaled close to 200 head again this week and sold $1 to 2 lower.   The top fat cows sold $60 to 68.  Good cutter cows or lean cows were mostly in the mid $50’s.   Bulls ranged from $60 to 80 depending on the kind and potential yield. 
            Sunday was busy loading out most of the morning.  In the afternoon, I took Layne to watch the boys move some cows around to have ready for Doc to work Monday morning.   They drove the cows from Luke and Cody’s that are in the sale across country so they would be closer to work.   Then they took the heifers that they will calve this winter back over to Luke’s from the place over south.   In about two hours they had both groups settled in where they belonged.   Layne made it thru the first bunch but fell asleep in the pickup before the second bunch got finished.   Last year she was with me when they moved them and I was in the ranger, this year in the pickup.  I would say she will be on a horse for this project next year!   If it had not been so windy and chilly, she might have been mounted this time!  She is calling them out the window and trying to count as they go by already!
            The Boys worked all the sale heifers thru the chute today.  They are looking really good and are ready for viewing if anyone wants a peek before sale time!
            A special feeder cattle sale is coming u this Saturday expecting over 1000 head.  
Have a Dandy Week!

            Our beautiful fall weather took a break starting Monday!  We had a chilly east wind Sunday and Monday that led to a couple inches of wet heavy snow Monday night.   Tuesday morning it warmed into the 40’s and rained all day long.   It is chilly and nasty here this afternoon.   I loaded a couple loads of heifers out of the country this morning and it was very sloppy and wet getting them shipped out.   Rain chances look strong for tomorrow then it looks to clear out and get sunny toward the end of the week.   It has sure been an awful nice run of fall weather thru October and November and we are very thankful for that.   A fella on the phone this morning was growling about the weather that he has more work that he wanted to get done.  I told him if he didn’t have things caught up this fall, he was trying to do too much or just not organized! 
            Saturday’s sale continued on pace with the past several weeks, selling 400 hogs, 550 sheep and goats and 1680 cattle.   The hog market slipped back on the sows to $44 to 46.50 on the over 500-pound sows.   Light sows sold from $33 to 41.  Fat hogs sold from $42 to 48 and pigs sold from 50 to 65? a pound for all weights.   The biggest sow this week weighed in at 880 pounds! 
            The sheep and goat sale had a very active market for all weights and classes.  A nice flock of Royal white cross ewes bred to a Royal White buck that were close to lambing sold at $295 per head.   I picked up a listing of 20 more fancy Polypay Suffolk cross ewes bred to speckled face rams due in January are coming for this Saturday.   The top 60-pound lambs sold at $312.50 a pound and a package of 78-pound lambs sold at $247.50 a pound.  Some 112-pound lambs brought $182.50.  Goats sold steady with 40-pound kids at $120 and 53- pound kids brought $160 a head.   The top billy sold at $385 per head.  
            The outside sale had small squares were selling from $3.50 to 7.50 and wheat straw $3.50 to 5.00 a bale.   Big round bales of hay sold from $27.50 to 45.00.  Rye straw brought $22.50 and cornstalks sold mostly $25 to 35.  The hay rack sold for $425 and the ground driven spreader sold for $420.  The cattle crowding tub sold for $2600.   The hedge post market was $2 to 10 on lines and $10 to 35 on 10-foot posts. 
            The cattle sale was loaded with good quality calves and yearlings again this week.   Beef baby calves sold from $250 to 350 and dairy calves brought $60 to 100.   Feeders had a very solid day from start to finish.   The top 400-pound steers sold at $1.87 with most at $1.80 to 1.85.   Five weight steers sold mostly $1.60 to 1.67 with a $173.50 top on some weight 513 pounds and selling at 5:30 p.m. Saturday!   A crossbred partial load of 917-pound steers sold at $134.25.   heifers weighing 370 pounds sold at $1.70 for a group of Red Angus heifer calves.   529-pound black heifers sold at $1.45 and a set of 603 pound black white face heifers brought $1.41.   A package of 776-pound Angus heifers sold at $133.25.
            A very big weigh cow sale again this week with over 200 head again.   Cows and bulls are coming 80 to 100 miles in for the extra competitive weigh cow market here in Keosauqua!  The top big cows were at $67.50.   Most utility cows sold over $60 and lean cows were in the upper $40 to mid 50’s.   Bulls sold from $75 to 86. 
            This week is Thanksgiving.  There are people that think they have little to be thankful for.   Here in Keosauqua, we have an endless list of things that we are so thankful for!    We are thankful we are in a business that has a customer base with a never ending among of resilience.   No matter what comes at the folks producing food for the world you can get it done!  We are thankful to have continued operations thru 2020 and provide a consistent market for our producers.  We are thankful for no riots!   Thankful for a generous crop and good hay and grazing year.   We are so thankful for our families and the time that we get to spend with them most every day!   It seems so easy to find things to be thankful for if we just focus on all these wonderful things in our lives.
            We at Keosauqua Sales Co want to say a huge Thank you to all of you for your past and future business.    Find a way to enjoy Thanksgiving and be thankful!
Have a Dandy Week!

            This has been an up and down week of weather.  We have been warm and sunny as well as rainy, windy, and cold.   We had almost an inch of rain in Keosauqua on Saturday night that all came at once!   We had a separate little shower Tuesday last week.   Mostly we have had blue skies with mild temperatures in the 20’s at night and 60’s in the daytime.   The forecast is for more of the same for the week ahead.  It sure has been a very pretty fall across this part of the country.
            Saturday was a day that started out cloud and dreary, turned sunny at noon, then rained, thundered, and had lightning in the evening.   Regardless of the weather we had a big run again this week.   The hog sale had a steady market on all classes.   The sows were solid at $50 to 53.   Fat hogs sold mostly $42 to 47 with a few Hereford hogs at $51!   Feeder pigs sold in the 50 to 50¢ range for the majority of the good quality pigs.   Boars have rallied to 6 to 10¢!
            The sheep and goat run was good this week as well.  The top lambs weighing 77 pounds brought $2.45 a lb.   A fancy set that weighed 109 brought $1.99 and some weighing 126 pounds brought $1.80.   The kid goat market was sure steady.   51-pound kids brought $167.50, some weighing 85 pounds brought $205 and 155-pound wether brought $350.   Nannies sold from $165 to 280 per head.   The top billy hit $350 per head.  
            The outside sale had the largest offering of hay and straw of the fall.   Small squares sold from $3.50 to 7 and wheat straw brought from $4.50 to 7 a bale.   Big round bales of hay sold from $18 on some older bales that were small up to $52.50 for a top.   Cornstalks rolled into town and the market range from $13 on a string tied pile that were very challenging to handle up to $31 for a top this week. 
            I tagged off to Logan after the hay sale and he finished up outside.   A very light run of hedge posts with just some 7-foot posts bringing $2.   Lumber is selling at high value and so is the used tin.   Misc. items made up the rest of the sale out there.  There was not as much as we have seen out front this week either.
            This week’s cattle sale featured the fall’s first good run of bred heifers and cows.  We started the sale with Red heifers that were AI bred to a Red Angus bull to calve in early March and weighed 1000 pounds.  They sold at $1800.   The first cut of AI black heifers averaged a 1000 pounds and brought $1950.   Later calving bull bred heifers weighing under 1000 pounds would bring $1350 to 1550.   There was very solid interest in those heifers on Saturday.   Bred cows that were 4 to 7 years old and due in the spring also had more interest than earlier in the fall.   $1300 to 1600 was the range for those second period cows out of reputation groups.   Older cows brought from $700 to 950 for second and third stage cows.   First period cows over 6 years old sold by the pound.   A very large run of weigh cows with 220 head this week.   The top cow was at $73 with several fat cows weighing over 1400 bringing $60-70.  The average yielding lean cows were steady in the $50’s.   Beef bulls sold from $70 to 84. 
            I still feel like the bred cow market has plenty of opportunity in it as we look into the future.   The fat cattle market is back up to $1.10 at a time when the country is not moving at top speed.   Think about how strong the demand for beef can be as we get to next summer and folks get moving normal!   I don’t think there can be any question we are getting set for an explosion in the beef business over the next year.   Numbers are fairly low, and we get a worldwide push in demand, it will dang sure out run what the futures are predicting!
            We hosted a Cattle producers listening session last Thursday evening at the sale barn.   Matt Deppe and Lane Eads were here to share topics that they have been working on to improve market transparency and fair price discovery.   The long and the short is they have been working with bureaucrats and haven’t been able to change what packers are going to do.  We need to increase kill space and beef demand together if we are to get value for our cattle.   Lots of ideas rolled around but competition will help our industry more than anything we can do.
            Layne had a 2-year-old birthday party out at the main lodge at the State Park Sunday at noon.  She had a big time and I’m so thankful for the time we get to spend with her and little Hattie! I am heading to Kansas in the morning to look at a Red Angus herd selling on Saturday.   We have several cattle to view this week as well.
Have a Dandy Week!

            We have had a very beautiful week of weather to start November.   We had temperatures mostly in the high 60’s and 70’s and lows just down to the 50’s.  We had a front come thru this morning and dropped ¾ inch of rain and then the wind kicked up and its getting chilly this evening.  The forecast looks like it will be right back in the 60’s pretty quick.   The rain sure settled the dust and freshened up everything nice before the warmup! 
            Saturday was full of good livestock on a truly beautiful day outside.   Probably a little to nice as folks didn’t flood to the sale!   It was an awful nice weekend to work and catch up on jobs that needed completed before the weather changed and I would say people made the most of it!
            The hog sale was able to get a running start again this week, kicking off at 9 a.m.   We had 650 hogs this week and it sure was good for the early start.  I’m sure ticked with the way everyone has adjusted to getting hogs in earlier and would say thank you very much for that!   The market saw a big advance in the heavy sow market with five weight and heavier sows selling from $49 to 53 on over 60 head!   Fat hogs were just a dollar or two higher selling from $45 to 49.   The pigs were solid at just 50¢ or a tad better for nearly all the pigs.   Even the boar market was a little better selling from 5 to 10¢ a lb. 
            The sheep and goat markets were sure good on over 500 head this week.   50 to 65-pound kids sold at $3 a lb. and over a few.   51-pound Dorper lambs sold at $295, 75-pound lambs sold at $2.30 and 81- pound lambs brought $2.29.   Some 113-pound lambs brought $1.87.   Nannies were mostly $175 to 235 and big billies $280 to 370. 
            The outside sale was light on hay this week.   Small squares sold for $3.50 to 6.  Corn stalk small square bales were $3.50 to 4.   Big round bales of corn stalks sold from $32.50 to 37.50 and one pile of nice grass hay brought $77.50.   The hedge post market was just average with corners topping at $35 to 40 and lines from $7 to 15.   Logan had a full line of all kinds of misc. items to work thru as I went back in to start the cattle sale.
            This sale always brings in the area’s very best cattle and this year held true to that.  The quality was outstanding in both calves and yearlings.   Light weight steers at 420 pounds brought $175, 400-pound steers brought $171,  and some 560-pound steer brought $150.50.   Big yearling steers had a load of steers at 923 brought $139.50 and some 952-pound steers that brought $138.50, the last load weighted 971 pound and brought $133.50.   It was a very impressive set of big steers to sell.  Congratulation to Phil, Rick, and the boys on a very top set of big steers.
            The heifer market was active also with top four weight heifers at $166.   Five weight heifers topped at $150 and the top yearling heifers averaged 682 and brought $138.   Weigh cows rounded out the evening and we had a $75.50 top.   Good big fleshy cows are bringing the most right now with most of them in the upper $60’s.  
            We finished the auction just after 7 p.m. and nearly 2000 cattle were sold here Saturday afternoon.   A big thank you to the buyers, consignors, and the awesome job the crew did in getting all the stock handled properly this week.  Sunday and Monday were both very busy getting everything loaded out again. 
            Thursday evening this week there is a cattle producer meeting at 7 p.m. at the sale barn.  Supper will be provided and will be followed with discussion related to the cattle market and what is being looked at to increase competition and market access.   The meeting should be over by 8:30 to 9 and everyone is welcome to attend!
            Yesterday was Layne’s 2nd birthday!   We had cake with candles and ice cream at lunch and sang her Happy Birthday!   Boy she had a big time!  Hattie Sue was there for the festivities, but Layne was the life of the party!
            An outstanding run of bred heifers bred cows and several pairs are coming this week.  The opportunity sure is attractive in the bred cow market.   I hope if you have some room you capitalize on the lower cost of the replacement heifers and cows.    Come take a look! 
Have a Dandy Week!

            We have transitioned from some colder chilly weather into totally beautiful fall weather this week!   The wind was nasty yesterday, it blew strong until dark and made it very chilly.  It was 22° when I left home this morning but no wind and as the sun got up it really warmed up very nice to 50°. The rest of the week looks as good as it gets this time of year with highs up to 70° and lows in the 40’s to 50’s and dry.   Wow that is a beautiful week for November in Iowa.   Harvest has continued at a very steady pace.   I believe very few acres will be left out by the end of this week.   What an outstanding run of weather for farmers to get thru harvest of 2020!
            Saturday was a pretty large sale again in Keosauqua.   The hogs continue to roll into our market with over 800 head this week!   I am sure glad we moved the start time up 30 minutes.  We needed all of it this week!  The market was steady with last week.   Fat hogs sold for $40 to 45, sow topped at $40 to 42.   Light sows were $30 to 36 and one little gilt with six dandy pigs brought $115.   That’s the first sow and litter we have sold in probably two years.   Several strings of feeder pigs were in this week.   The market for all weights and classes ran 50 to 60 cents.  Nearly all the pigs are going to the roaster business right now.  Some lighter pigs are going home to be fed but ones over 70 pounds are sure going to the table.
            The sheep and goat sale also had big numbers and a strong market.   Kids and lambs are in strong demand with top kids reaching $3.50 a lb. and lambs weighing 60 to 80 pounds selling for $2.50 to 2.85.   The two running age flocks of ewes sold from $180 to 220 and had a lot of inquiry and interest.   Fat lambs sold in the $175 to 180 range and one breeding buck sold for $490.   This market is sure strong as we head into the holiday season! 
            The outside sale had a very large run on a pretty darn nice day.  Logan had a full plate of all kinds of misc. items and I sold the hay and posts.   The hay market was good this week with a $7 top and most hay in the $3.50 5o 5.50 range.   Straw sold pretty much $4 to 5 a bale and was very good quality.   Big bales topped at $75 for some alfalfa net wrapped 2nd cutting.   Grass hay was in the $40 to 60 range.   Cornstalks sold at $38 and rye straw in round bales brought $25 to 35.   One pile of decent big square bales sold $55 to 57.
            The hedge posts were sure in good demand.   A very good selection and folks seeing good weather ahead set up for a good post sale.  The top 8-foot line posts brought $28.   The top corners went for $40 and most line posts brought $9 to 20.  I need Logan to report on the misc. sale, but I know firewood was way cheap, $5 to 10 a pile for decent wood. 
            The cattle sale had 1570 head.   The baby calf market was sick!   Holstein calves $15 to 50 and beef calves brought $85 to 150.   Bred cows didn’t light up the scoreboard either.   Some sold just by pound and a few brought $700 to 1000.    Feeder cattle on the other hand took off with stronger interest.   Last week’s strength from the board from the board helped put some energy into the feeder market.  Those little steers and bulls weighing under 400 pounds would bring $1.90 to 2.05 all afternoon.   Heifers from 400 to 500 pounds held in the 1.45 to even $1.60 on a few.   Steers in the 500-pound range sold up to $1.60 but more in the $1.50’s.   Six weight steers green and weaned topped at $1.47 and bulls not weaned or vaccinated would bring in the $1.20’s.   One load of 829-pound heifers sold at $131.50.  The pound cow market was $7 to 10 lower than last week as the country’s large cow runs have finally caught up to us.   The sale finished at 9 p.m. and the crew did a great job of keeping things moving and keeping it straight.  
            Sunday it was nice to have that extra hour of sleep to catch up a little!   I was getting tired of choring in the dark so I’m glad for the time change!  I fed my heifers and then went back to the barn to load.  It was steady all morning with trailers and loading hay.   I usually make it to check cows Sunday evening before I go home but that daylight I was bragging on Sunday morning got away from me awful fast Sunday evening!   Dang it, I’m not sure I needed the time change!
            Well tomorrow is election day.  I hope everyone takes time to go and vote.   All our families could be impacted for years by the results of this year’s election.  I will say a prayer that folks use common sense and good judgement as they cast their ballot this year.  I also will say a prayer that when it’s over it’s finally OVER!   Wow what a campaign it has been.  I think the Iowa Senate race is overshadowing the race to the White House.  I sure wish there were spending limits on Senate races in Iowa.   I’m sure if I ran a radio station, I might have a different opinion however!
            I shipped two loads of nice black yearling steers to a Nebraska feed yard this morning then stopped thru Clark Co, MO to look at cattle for Saturday.  I made it back to Keosauqua to have lunch with the granddaughters!  Layne is growing up pretty fast as she turns two pretty quick.  Hattie is starting to chunk up a little.  They are such a beautiful blessing to our families. 
            This week is our annual customer appreciation sale and free BBQ lunch.  The cattle will be the very best of this part of the country and the roast beef will be extremely good.   Come enjoy the day with us as we say a big thank you to everyone for your business.   
Have a Dandy Week!
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