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June 2021  06/03/21 9:48:00 AM

            Heavy rain this past week and one night of nasty hail highlights the week’s weather.   The rain has continued across our area over the past week with 7 to 8 inches coming pretty fast Thursday evening.   We had water over the roads in multiple places.  Culverts washed out and uncovered.  There is some extreme soil erosion in a lot of fields.   The hail came Tuesday evening and if you were in the beltway that got hammered, it was not good.  The corn and bean plants were completely beat down in the fields that were in the bullseye.  As you got away from the two-mile-wide band in the center the damage gets considerably less.  It’s a pretty long strip starting up around Packwood and angling down past the west side of Keosauqua to just east of Mt. Sterling where it ended.   That is sure as much crop damage as I remember over that many acres.   I haven’t heard that this hailstorm had the damage to vehicles and homes that other storms have done but there is sure more crop damage than any for a long time.    The forecast for the rest of the week is calling for continued showers and hotter temperatures.   A new moon is coming July 10th, it may be that long until we change weather patterns!
            Saturday’s sale saw a strong hog market again.  The sows exploded to a $95 top on some 670-pound high quality outside girls.   The fat hogs sold from $80 to 88 and had multiple bidders trying to buy hogs.   The pig market was from 90 cents to right at a dollar a pound.   Pot belly hogs are never easy to get rid of and the two this week were not very popular at just ten cents a lb.
            The sheep and goat markets were active on 550 head.   60-to-80-pound lambs were mostly $2.60 to 2.70 a lb.   A group of 100-pound lambs sold at $2.70 a lb.   Cull bucks and ewes sold from 1.00 to 1.22 a lb.   Nine open Dorset ewes that were 3 to 5 years old and shorn brought $310 per head going back to the farm.   The goat market was very active this week.   The top billy brought $625.  Those 75-to-90-pound billies topped at $325.   Feeder kids that averaged 36 pounds brought $180 and six nice nanny kids averaging 55 pounds brought $300 per head returning to the farm.  Big nannies ranged from $250 to 325 per head.
            The outside sale had a few small squares of grass hay selling at $4 to 5.50, it was all dry hay.   Big round bales sold from $35 to 55 and big squares sold from $30 to 55.   The hedge post market was solid on posts that were cut a couple of years ago.  They were mostly corners or braces and sold from $15 to 35.    There was lots of horticulture and just fair interest as we finish up the season.   Bridge timbers were the highlight out front this week!   Regular planks brought $115 apiece.   A stack of 6 X 28 X 32 foot planks in very good condition sold for $350 apiece.
            The cattle market is holding on to gains we have seen in the feeder cattle market in the past couple of weeks.   Decent black steers that weighed 513 pounds brought $1.75.  Some 480-pound black heifers brought $1.52.  Most of the weigh cows sold from $65 to 80.  
            Monday evening Becky and I attended the Jefferson Co 4-H & FFA fair auction.    A great crowd was on hand for the sale this year!   Just as we were getting ready to get started, we were presented the Jefferson Co 4-H Hall of Fame award.  I was sure unaware that was going to happen!   All the boys & girls of our family made it up to be in the presentation with us as well as Becky’s folks, her sister and brother and even my sister Debbie happened to be here from New Mexico.   4-H and the Jefferson Co Fair is just something we do every summer.   My Dad would have started exhibiting there in the 1950’s.  I was in 4-H and FFA in the  late 70’s and early 80’s, then all of our sons were involved in from the late 1990’s to 2010 when Colby finished up.   Dad always supported the 4-H sale when we started in the sale barn, and I have continued over the past 30 years.  It is rewarding to help kids and families continue in agriculture and be leaders in not only agriculture but in their communities.  We continue to do business with many of them as they transition into adult livestock production.   Lots of memories are made around the county fairs, we are sure appreciative of the 4-H & FFA leaders, fair board members and all the families that make 4-H and FFA such great programs.   Go out this summer and support our area’s youth at the county fairs in your area!
            A regular sale this weekend over the 4th then a cattle special coming up next week July 10th.   
Have a Dandy Week!

            It was hot and dry until Friday night and then our prayers were answered in this area!   We received 1.5 to 4 inches of rain and a little wind that laid some corn over.   The rain was awesome and in 24 hours the corn had stood right back up.   Sunday brought another round of showers that left from a half to 2.5 inches.   It was a very timely and beneficial rain for this area.   Temperatures have cooled down with Monday having a high of just 70°.  It was truly a very beautiful day Monday.  The rains had everything cleaned up.   The sun was shining with those big puffy white clouds rolling by. The humidity had dropped way off and the light breeze out of the northwest was as welcome as Christmas!   Boy, it was nice.   The forecast is for a beautiful week, warming back up to the 80’s by mid-week.
            Saturday’s sale had a good run of all classes of livestock.   The hog market held on to last week’s gains.   Fat hogs topped at $92 with most of the right around $90.  Sows weighing over 500 pounds sold from $60 to 63.50.   the pigs were right around a dollar a pound and boars were even a little higher at $8 to 12 on the big fellas!
            The sheep and goat market remained very steady.   Kids weighing 60 pounds topped at $235 and nannies and billies sold up to $250 and 475 respectively.  The better 70-to-90-pound lambs sold from $250 to 270.   Ewes ranged from $90 to 1 and the bucks ranged from $1 to 1.15. 
            The outside sale had a lot of very wet hay.  Square bales of hay with 3-4 inches of rain on them are dang hard to get sold.  Those wet piles of hay ranged from .50 to 2.00 and most brought $1 a bale.   Dry bales that came in Saturday morning sold from $3 to 5 as usual.    Big square bales also suffered setting out in the rain over night.  The bales that have been selling for $60 to 70 brought $30 to 35.   Big round bales seemed to be unaffected by the rain, pretty much all grass hay that was net wrapped brought $45 to 55.
            Logan had a big job with a lot full of misc. items this week.  It was hot out there, and I was sure glad he didn’t have class this week!   There was a big crowd around again and most things sold to very active bidding. 
            The cattle sale had 525 head and was sure stronger on light green feeders.   Five weight steers brought $1.83, six weight steers sold for $1.67 and seven weight steers topped at $1.54 this week.   The heifers weighing 450 pounds sold at $1.61 and 550 pound heifers at $1.47.   a nice package of black heifers at 707 pounds brought $1.33.   Weigh cows were steady with a $83.50 fat cow top this week!
            I shipped yearlings this morning and have some for Wednesday morning.  I sure wish folks in northern IA would have been able to share this rain, they need it ASAP!  Jefferson Co fair is starting this week.  All the kids will be showing projects in Fairfield from Thursday thru Sunday this week.
            A regular sale this weekend!

            The past week has been hot and dry.  We went from cold and wet to hot and dry in about 10 days!   Dad always said, “we are just a couple of days from the next drought in this country.”  We are sure headed that direction now.   The forecast looks pretty much the same going into next weekend where there are slight rain chances and cooler temperatures.
            Saturday was a regular sale.  The hog sale saw butchers jumping back up to $90/ cwt on a small run.   Sows held steady at $50 to 54 on ones weighing over 500 pounds.   Pigs had good demand ranging from 85¢ to $1 a lb. on some lighter 40-pound pigs.  
            The sheep and goat run had over 500 head again this week.  The market continues to be strong.   Lambs weighing from 50 to 80 pounds were mostly $2.50 to 2.75 a lb.   Some 90-to-100-pound lambs sold from $2.25 to 2.40 a lb.   Ewes and bucks sold for right around $1 per lb.  Goats sold a little higher as the fancier boer kids weight 50 to 60 pounds were back to $190 to 240 per head.  Nannies brought from $185 to 250 and billies were up to $360 per head.
            The outside sale saw a lot of new crop small square bales of hay.  It was mostly grass mix and selling pretty much $2 to 3 a bale.   A couple of stacks of new crop alfalfa brought $5 to 6 a bale.   Big round bales sold from $30 to 50 and big squares brought from $50 to 60.   The hedge post market was very active on a small offering.   The top corners went for $60 and good lines brought $30.  It sure would be brutal cutting hedge now with the bugs, ticks and all the stickers on all the brush and top it with 90°, it would be nasty!   I am looking for a small run of hedge for a while!
            The cattle sale was mostly veal calves and weigh up cows.   Dairy calves sold from $50 to 125 and beef calves brought $200 to 400 per head.   The weigh up cows topped at $80 with several over $70, bulls were mostly $80 to 90.
            The crops are the same as finished up going in across our area.   Most of it is up and has a very good start.   Beautiful weather to put up hay, sunny and low humidity, and good quality hay to work with.  New seeding sure could use a drink to help it along.   The alfalfa that was baled early, sure looks good, but it would make twice as much second cutting with a decent rain soon.   We are getting calls now from areas that are much drier than we are wanting hay.  If you need hay this winter, I believe you would be wise to buy it now, as it will surely trend higher into the winter.
            The boys are getting ready for the Nebraska horse sale coming up the end of August.   They are riding every day, checking cows, and doctoring some eyes or feet and rotating pastures.   They try to rope at least twice a week in the pen.  They will have this set ready by sale time!  
A special cattle sale this Saturday.
Have a Dandy Week!

            Hot, dry weather moved in this area over the past week and all kinds of work is going on now.   The fellas have finished up corn planting and replanting.  Soybeans are going in rapidly and all kinds of hay is being put up.   A little out of no where shower pushed thru Keosauqua this evening, but we really didn’t get much.  There sure was a bigger rain south of us a couple of counties, that may have dropped a half to an inch of rain.   The forecast looks like warm temperatures to the mid 80’s the rest of the week and a small chance of showers again Wednesday or Thursday.
            Saturday was pretty warm topping at 92°.  There was a nice breeze all day and the humidity wasn’t too bad, so it made for a nice day.  A lighter crowd around with folks doing all kinds of work in the field and farm.   The hog run was light, but prices were higher.   Fat hogs were scarce but jumped back up to $79.  The heavy sows topped at $56 and pigs in small groups sold 80¢ to $1.  A gilt with 6 baby pigs brought $275. 
            The sheep and goat sale had 500 head and held on to a steady market.   Kids weighing 35-40 pounds brought $100 to 140, while 50-to-60-pound boer kids were $190 to 235.  Nannies brought $175 to 250 and billies were $350 to 450.   Lambs from 60 to 80 pounds brought $2.35 to 2.60 and 80-to-90-pound lambs were at $2.45 to 2.53.  Ewes sold mostly $1.00 to1.15 and bucks were about the same.
            The outside sale had new hay in square and round bales this week.  Small squares sold from $3.50 to 7 and the round bales were mostly $40 to 50.   Big square bales of 3rd cutting alfalfa old crop hay brought %60 to 75.   Misc. items took Col. Logan over an hour in the bright sunshine to work thru this week.  Plant sales suffered with the shorter crowd.  Used metal was unexpectedly high at $37.50 for used 12-foot pieces.   I am sure glad this young man was on hand this week!
            The cattle sale had 670 head in the run.  The market was strong for all the negativity in the market at the close of the week.  The corn racing higher and cattle futures sharply lower to end the week made it a challenge again.   Pairs sold from $1500 to 1775 for middle aged black pairs.   Older pairs sold from $900 to 1300.   Steers weighing 340 pounds brough $195; some 550-pound steers hit $1.68; 625-pound steers topped at $1.61, and some 710-pound steers hit $1.51.   the heifers under five hundred pounds sold from $1.45 to 1.60 and five and six weights sold from $1.45 to 1.54.   A nice load of 788-pound heifers brought $1.29.   Weigh cows moved up a couple of dollars with the bulk over $60 and the top cows brought $70 to 78 this week.  Bulls ranged $85 to 1. 
            We finished up by 4:30 and I would say the crew welcomed the early out for once!  Lucas ended up in the hay field most of the day and did not get the break.  Curt was trucking into the night, so he didn’t get the break!  Jim had hay to bale after the sale, so he didn’t get the break!   Some of us enjoyed the evening break anyway. 
            The Sherod crew planted our corn around Keosauqua yesterday and today, so if nature cooperates, we will have silage again this fall!
            The boys worked some pairs before lunch today and then a couple of them went to the roping arena for the afternoon. 
            I am hoping to move bales off the field tomorrow and see if I can stand to put some fertilizer on the alfalfa fields.  It is hard to make good alfalfa without fertilizer and bug spray!
            A regular sale this week.
Have a Dandy Week!

            It has been a wet rainy week again until Saturday and then it began to change.   We received over two inches last week and then another tenth or so on Sunday.   Memorial Day turned off very nice and pretty.  The forecast looks awesome for the next week.  The highs are to get into the 80’s and be clear!  It will be a day or two more before planting gets started again but there is some hay starting to get mowed now.
            Saturday was a good sale for the holiday weekend.   The hog sale had sows selling from $50 to 53 on the over five weights and $40 to 45 on the lighter sows.   Fat hogs have slipped off the high, as better fat hogs were at $49 on a light test.   A handful of 39-pound pigs sold at $36 and some 110-pound pigs sold at $90 per head.
            The sheep and goat sale had a nice offering and a steady market.   50-to-70-pound lambs sold at $2.30 to 2.85.  A fancy set of 84-pound lambs sold at $2.45.   Six lambs weighing 135 pounds brought $2.07.   Ewes by the pound sold at $85 to 115 and bucks brought up to $1.10.     The goat market is easing up some, but the quality kids remain very strong.  37-pound kids brought $140 per head and 55-pound kids topped at $225.   A big 185-pound wether brought $340.   Boer nannies weighing over 100 pounds brought from $200 to 250.
            The outside sale was loaded up with hay and misc. items.   Small square bales ranged from $3.50 up to 9.   Big squares of alfalfa brought $80, and grass big squares sold from $55 to 65.   Big round bales were mostly $50 to 70.   Several consignments of flowers, plants and some trees had good interest.   Logan was a bit hoarse, so I sold most of the outside sale and Logan finished it up.
            The cattle sale had a light run of feeders and just a few pairs and bred cows.   Baby calves ranged from $250 to 375 and dairy calves $75 to 150.   Middle aged black pairs sold at $1600 to 1700 and a fancy you Angus pair brought $2150.   The feeder sale was primarily small groups of all-natural cattle.   Some 435-pound bull cattle sold at $1.65, some 426-pound steers sold at $1.77.    537-pound black heifers brought $1.35.   Weigh cows sold to a $75 top with several cows brought over $65.  Bulls brought $80 to95.
            Colby hosted a machinery consignment sale here at the sale barn Tuesday evening.   A very large crowd gathered up for the sale and prices were strong the whole evening.   Strawberries led off the event with quartz at $7.50, gallon buckets brought $13 and a flat full brought $27.   The hay wagons with kicker catch frames sold at $1800 to 2100.   Brian’s Chevy pickup brought $7300, and a JD 4 row planter brought $2800.   A good sale with a very active crowd.   The Hustler lawn mower brought $4000 to a Minnesota buyer!
            I hope to mow hay, get corn in the ground, haul manure this week!   The boys are checking cows in pastures and hoping to get the last group of pairs worked this week.
            A special feed sale this week on June 5th with some pair to lead off the sale again.
Have a Dandy Week!
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