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June 2022  06/06/22 10:30:00 PM

        Today was a beautiful day in Iowa!   High was in the 70’s and blue skies with a light breeze our of the south.  It was a picture day for sure.  I took off early Sunday AM and went to the Iowa Jr Hereford show at Adel.   A nice drive-up Sunday morning 54 degrees, clear, sunny and no patrolmen!   There was a light breeze all morning and in the shade of the showring it was chilly for some.   Several folks even had a jacket on .   Good turn out of cattle and kids at the show, always a few new faces too.   The crop all the way up and back looks almost as good as what it is around here.  The forecast calls for temperatures to warm up by mid-week and a chance of rain going into next weekend (nine tenths fell here Saturday evening).
        Saturday’s sale had 150 hogs, 650 sheep and goats, and 300 cattle.   The sow market started off in the $60’s and jumped to $80 on sows over 500 pounds.   Fat hogs sold from $70 to 80.  Pigs sold mostly $50 to 80 per head.    Light boars under 300 pounds brought $25 to 30.   Heavier boars sold from $8 to 15 a lb. 
        The sheep and goat markets were pretty steady to a few places slightly higher this week.   Several 60-to-80-pound lambs sold from $2.00 to 2.40.  A top set of 98-pound lambs sold at $2.45.   Ewes were mostly 90¢ to $1.00 a lb. and bucks were $1.00 to 1.37. 
        The goat market remained strong with 50-to-70-pound kids mostly $3.00 to 3.80 a lb.   Several feeder kids under 40 pounds in the run sold from $85 to 130 a head.   Cull nannies were $1.30 to 1.75 a lb. and not a test on big billies.
        There were several new crop small squares of hay that had some overnight moisture on them sold sluggish at 50¢ to $3.  A few piles of better hay brought $4.00 to 5.00.  Big round bales of new crop hay were $50 to 75 and old crop bales brought $15 to 50.   Big squares of grass mix brought $60 to 70.    A light offering of hedge posts but several flowers!  Baskets sold from $5 to 18 mostly under $10.   Logan had a large run of misc. merchandise.  He finished at 1:00 and had a great crowd until about 12:30 and it drifted off a bit. 
        Cattle sale had fancy group of Hereford cows and calves in.  Middle aged cows exposed back brought $1900.   Feeders had great interest with steers weighing 500 pound selling at $2.00 to 2.08 a lb.  Weigh cows sold stead with top end over $1.00 and the top bull up to $1.24 a lb.   Most years the end of June the weigh up sale has 30 to 50 head.  This week we still had 115 head to sell. 
        Our crew made several bales of nice hay last week and put most of it under roof.  We big square bales some beautiful second cutting alfalfa that I hope will pay for the fertilizer bills, WOW!
        Cows out on pasture seem to be summering well, crop is growing good, and the little girls are doing great!
        Keep an eye on the website and Facebook page, we may have another darn nice cow dispersal this week.
Have a Dandy Week!

        Summer has arrived more than a week early in southeast IA.  We had a beautiful week of nice weather last week and picked up a couple of showers that left an inch and half of rain.  Sunday the heat and humidity arrived, and it is nasty!  The humidity is 70 to 95% and temperatures will be in the 90’s all week long.  The only thing that likes this weather is corn and those unforgiving pesky gnats!   Boy, they are horrible in the evenings when I like to look thru pastures and check cows.   About all we can do is keep all the cattle in the shade good and get in the AC to cool off when we get too hot. 
        Saturday’s sale had a short 200 hogs selling mostly steady.  Fat hogs sold from $75 to 82, while sows sold from $50 to 54 on the heavier weights.   Boars were up to 5¢.   A good string of duroc pigs weighing 68 pounds brought $63 a head.   A pretty small crowd to start off the hog sale. 
        The sheep and goat sale had 680 head and a steady market.  Lambs in the 50-to-70-pound range sold from $2.20 to 2.35 a lb.   Heavier lambs lead the market at 60 to 80 pounds bringing $2.40 to 2.65 on the good kind.  Even 110-pound lambs reached $2.59 a lb.  Ewes were mostly $70 to 1.20 a lb. and bucks sold from $1.10 to 1.17 a lb.   Kid goats weighing 50 to 60 pounds sold for $4.00 to 4.30 a pound on good Boer cross kids.  A top set of Boer cross does from the Smith family, here in Keosauqua drew interest from three states here.   The top open commercial type does that were two years old brought $700.  Several does sold from $400 to 600 and a spotted yearling billy brought $1000.   A very good-sized crowd was in attendance for this portion of the sale.
        The outside sale had a large quantity of misc. items and a fair run of hay.   Logan went to work on the misc. items and sold tin, cement posts, hay tedder and a steel wheeled wagon the second time around!  A good crowd was out there and made for a good sale.   Flower baskets sold mostly $5 to 12.   Fresh strawberries brought up to $20 for a gallon.   Strawberry sets brought $14 a flat. 
        The hay sold from 25¢ on some wheat that was bales too wet, up to $12 for a top again.   Most of the hay was $4 to 6.   Big round bales topped at $75 on some new crop bales that sure looked a little damp to $45 on some two year old small net wrapped bales.   Big round bales of straw sold at $40 per bale. 
        The cattle sale had over 500 head of mostly cows.   The veal calf market was as low as I have seen in modern times.   Beef calves mustered only a $200 top.   Mostly sold from $100 to 150 and Holsteins sold from $10 to 75.   Bred cows had similar interest with middle aged, late spring bred cows at $1250 to 1400.   Fall bred younger cows sold at $1425.   Pairs had luke warm interest from $1300 to 1600.   Feeder cattle sold to a short crowd but stronger interest on cattle that were not worked or weaned for the bulk of the sale.   Breeding bulls sold from $1400 to 2700 for yearling Angus bulls.   Even a 1040 pound black white bull in the feeder sale brought $1.51 a lb.!  Weigh cows totaled 240 head and were steady to $2 higher.   Fat cows on the better yielding kind sold from $90 to 1.07.   Lean cows were more in range from $75 to 85.   Bulls ranged from $90 to 1.21 this week.
        Luke and Cody and the two oldest granddaughters got their sweet corn patch planted today.  Watch for the stand north of town by the roping arena!  If they can keep the coons and the deer out of it, they will have some to sell about State fair time, I would guess.
        We put the hay mower to work yesterday and hope to have a good week making hay.  It is a tad over ripe but there is a lot of volume there.   We planted some sudan grass to graze later this summer and put some beans in ground that came out of CRP.  The Sherod crew gets a big pat on the back for getting the farming all wrapped up for us this year! 
        I would like to express our deepest sympathy to the Jerry Stukerjurgen family.  Jerry passed away very unexpectedly this past weekend at just 56 years old.  He was a great businessman and an extra strong community supporter.   He will truly be missed and our thoughts and prayers to his family as they deal with his passing.
                A special feeder cattle sale Saturday along with a big sheep and goat sale.    Stay cool!       
Have a Dandy Week!

         The past week has been really pretty around here.   It has been dry, sunny and temperatures topping in the upper 70’s to low 80’s and not much humidity!  There were rain chances in the forecast for the weekend however we did not receive anything until Monday afternoon when 6 tenths fell here.   Planting is nearly wrapped up around here and haying in under way.  My crew decided to hold off mowing last week, so we are going to have to try and get after it this week.   The hay looks really heavy in the field, I am kinda curious what it will be like when we get into it. 
         Saturday’s sale grew to 950 cattle, 150 hogs and 400 sheep and goats.   Several piles of new crop small square bales fresh off the hay racks made their way in for the sale as well.   The hog market was mostly steady this week.  Fat hogs sold from $72 to 78.   Sows ranged from $44 to 52.  A lighter run of pigs again and the market was sure steady across all weights.   
         Sheep and goat market was a little lower on lambs and steady on goats.   50-to-60-pound lambs sold from $2.25 to 2.35 and 80 to 90-pound lambs ranged from $2.00 to 2.35.   Ewes sold for 90? to as high as $1.70 a lb.  for a few returning to the farm.   Kids goats held very steady with a $4.20 to 4.40 range on the better Boer cross kids.  Nannies sold from $1.30 to 1.60 a lb. and big billies sold from $1.90 to 2.35. 
         The outside sale had several stacks of new crop small squares.  The market was solid from $3.00 to 5.50 for the majority.  Big square of new crop alfalfa grass mix brought $60 to 65 a bale.   Old crop rounds were $50 to 65 this week.   A decent run of misc. items kept Logan busy until nearly 12:30 this week.
         The cattle sale had a few yearlings, several fall calves and 220 weigh up cows again.   The feeder market had solid activity on all classes this week.   Five weight steers up to $2.10; six weight steers up to $1.86 and seven weight steers up to $1.72.   Even eight weight steers in packages brought up to $1.59.  Heifers also had stronger interest with five weight heifers in the $1.70’s: six weight heifers in the high $1.50’s and even some seven weight heifers over $1.50 in this sale.   Weigh cows continue to be good.  The top 1280-pound fat cow brought $1.07.  There were several cows over $90 and only poor cows under $70.   Bulls were mostly $90 to 1.15. 
         My intern took of this week with her sister on a back pack camping trip to Denali National Park in Alaska!  I just googled how far it is from here to there, 3580 miles, that is a hike!   I am sure they will have a grand time camping out under the moon with the moose, caribou, and the grizzly bears!   It is truly a trip of a lifetime for them, and I am glad they were able to go together.
         We have been hauling manure, working a little ground down to seed and getting a sweet corn patch for the girls ready   If this project works, the girls will probably never want to see sweet corn again!
         Expecting a few cows and bulls this weekend.      
Have a Dandy Week!
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