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May 2021  05/04/21 9:57:00 PM

            Warm, muggy temperatures have been the weather over the past week.  We have had a shower of some type most every day.   It has been cloudy thru out the daytime until late evenings, then it can be really pretty when the sun pops out.   We are soaked up now, the pastures are soggy, tile lines are running, and water is standing in many places.   According to the forecast there is a high 90% chance of rain tomorrow evening into Wednesday then maybe dry off for a few days.   I hate to say it, but we could use 8 to 10 days  of good dry weather.
            Saturday saw 320 head of hogs go thru the sale.   Sows topped at $50 to 51 and fat hogs sold in the $70 to 77 range.   Pigs remained fairly steady with 50-pound pigs at just over $1 a pound and 80-pound pigs up to $72 per head.           
            Sheep & goat sale had 510 head.   Lambs from 50-70 pounds sold from $2.20 to 2.50.   the heavy lambs 100 to 125 brought from $1.50 to 1.84.   Ewes by the pound brought $80 to 105 and buck ran from $90 to 105.   The goat market was steady with 45-pound kids bringing $190 and 60-to-80-pound kids at $210 to 250 per head.   The nannies and billies both topped at $500.
            The outside sale was wet with a light rain continuing thru the entire sale.   I was sure glad Logan made it back to do some auctioneering!   The small squares sold from $3.50 to 7.50.   Round bales of grass hay sold from $50 to 75 this week.   Flowers and plants freshly watered sold well this week.  Hanging baskets ranged from $15 to 25.   Flats of tomato plants brought up to $18.   Fruit trees brought up to $60 each again.   The paddle boat brought $350, and a cute little red heeler female brought $250 just before we went outside.
            The cattle sale was mostly breeding stock this week.   The top pairs brought $2300 with a couple of groups of middle-aged pairs at $2000 to 2050.   Fall bred cows sold at $1200 to 1450 and a package of summer bred black white face cows sold at $1800.   The top Angus bull brought $2550.   A light run of feeders but they had steady interest on all weights for sure.    Weigh cows were steady to $2 lower.
            Last week we shipped the last of the heifers to grass.   Luke is lost, not having much left to feed every morning!   It sure is nice to get everything out and get cleaned up and do some upkeep and maintenance to be ready for fall again.           
            Sunday afternoon I jumped on the lawn mower and felt like Forrest Gump at 9 p.m. Sunday night!   The rain had set back everyone’s mowing, and Sunday gave me a window to catch up and I took it.  The grass is really growing now so I’m sure someone will need to now before the weekend again. 
            We turned the bulls on black cows out today and it looks like I will still have some good bulls to sell if anyone needs one!
            A regular sale coming up this Memorial Day weekend and the consignment machinery sale is June 1st.
Have a Dandy Week!

            Life ran over me last week and I didn’t get the news out!  I am catching up early this week to see if I can outrun it this week!  We have moved into a rainy period, we had 3 inches last week and another ¾ on Saturday.  It is raining here Sunday and there is a chance most everyday for the next seven days.  Last week was cold but we warmed up into the 60’s the past couple of days.   Our grass is improving quickly now as it warms up.   The crop that is up looks like it need some heat and sun.   There are a large number of acres that need to be planted yet, both corn and beans.   The alfalfa looks really good so far and the first new crop small squares of the year were sold this week!   It will be hydroponic hay if anyone tries to make hay this week!
            Saturday started out slow and then really took off about 9 o’clock!  The hog sale had 422 head in the run.   The fat hog market was still in the $85 to 90 range.  Sows topped at $4 and continue to show weakness in the month ahead.  Feeder pigs were solid with nothing wild high this week.   50-to-60-pound pigs were mostly $45 to 55 and 70-to-100-pound pigs sold $65 to 80 per head.   Four bred sows brought $385. 
            The sheep and goat sale had over 400 head this week.   Goats were mostly steady.   Light weight kids in the 20 to 30 pounds sold $80 to 150 per head.    Some 48-pound kids brought $200, 70-to-80-pound kids sold from $240 to 290 per head.   The top billy sold at $500.  Lambs were a bit lower with the bulk bringing $2.20 to 2.60.   A couple of fat lambs weighing 153 pounds sold at $1.85.   Weigh up ewes brought from $1.05 to 1.17.
            The outside sale was awfully good even in the rain!   Boy, did I miss Logan this week!   The hay market was strong a light run.   Small square of old crop grass hay brought $3 to 4 and new crop green alfalfa grass mixed hay was $5 to 6.   Round bales sold mostly $35 to 60 on grass hay this week.   A large quantity of misc. items were out there in the rain and a very loyal crowd to participate!   A little bulk bin sold for $800.   Tomato plants brought $5 to 15.   Hanging baskets ranged from $15 to 25.   Pear and apple trees brought up to $70 each.  It was a very active outside sale this week.  I may put Logan inside next week and continue selling all of the outside sale!
            The cattle sale moved nearly 1100 head thru the ring this week.   Baby calves brought from $50 to 125 on dairy and $200 to 450 on beef calves.   This week we featured Red Angus females and they were extremely well received!   Open replacement heifers sold from $1100 to 1225 on 87 head.   Bred five year old cows in the third period brought $1500 and a group of fall bred heifers brought $1700.   Two Red Angus two year old bulls brought $2700.   Feeder cattle under 650 pounds were sure stronger than last week.   Four weight steers topped at $1.75, five weight steers hit $1.66, the top 650-pound steers brought $1.53.   Light heifers weighing in the four weights sold from $1.40 to 1.57, five weight heifers hit $1.51 and six weight heifers topped at $1.37.
            Weigh cows were sure strong on over 200 head in the run.  The bulk of the cows were in the low $60’s.  The top fat, high yielding cows sold in the low $70’s.   The top bulls were in the $90 again this week.             
            We are breeding heifers again in the morning with 70 head sorted up and will likely have 90 or more tomorrow evening.  It will sure be nice to get this big group kicked out in the grass this week!
            As graduations takes place this spring, we have had some of the guys working out back on sale day take full time jobs.  So, we are needing sale day help again for the summer and next fall’s season.   If you can handle livestock and can work thru chaos, stop by, or call and we will visit about the opportunity and experience of working sale day at Keosauqua Sale.  
            A nice run of bred cows, pair and breeding bulls consigned for next Saturday.
Have a Dandy Week!

            The past week’s weather has been all over the place!  We were 85°, warm and sunny going into the weekend.  We then received a rain shower and dropped to 50° this morning.   There was every planter running around this county until the rain stopped progress overnight.   This area is sure not finished up with corn, but the progress made in one week was really good.  I would say 75% of the corn is in and 40% of the beans are done.   Another good week of weather and spring planting will be pretty much wrapped up this year.   The forecast calls for cooler temperatures but dry thru the rest of the week.   The next chance of rain is coming up Saturday. 
            Saturday started out like it was going to be a smaller sale then it bloomed into another big run of everything and a big crowd!   The hog market was fast on butchers, seeing a top of $89 this week.   The majority of fat hogs sold from $85 to 88.   Sows were weaker again with over five weight sows selling to a $66 top.   Good pigs over 70 pounds sold for 90¢ to $1 a lb.
            The sheep and goat auction had another solid run with 450 head.  The market was lower on lambs but fairly steady on goats.   Most of the 60-pound lambs sold in the $2.50 to 2.75 range.   80-pound lambs were more in the $2.20 to 2.60 range.  115-pound lambs topped at $1.80.   Bucks sold from 95¢ to $1 and ewes ranged from $85 to 1.15.   Kid goats that averaged 52 pounds topped for $240.  Nannies ranged from $150 to 235 and bigger billies brought over $400.     
            The outside sale had a really nice day and an active hay market.   The top round bales of grass hay sold at $80.  Poor quality bales and smaller bales sold from $15 to 35.   Small squares were mostly $3.50 to 5.   There were all kinds of misc. items that took nearly two hours of two of us selling to work thru!   I sold all the flowers and plants.  The market was strong on hanging baskets at $15 to 17 for first pick.  Strawberry plant flats sold at $17 each.  Tomato plants ranged from $8 to 15.  There were all kinds of surplus contractor goods including ladders, drop cords, boxes of nails & fasteners, etc.  Logan earned his keep this week!
            The cattle sale went into Saturday with some heavy damage again late in the week.   Fats couldn’t muster any strength, corn prices hit us like an anvil!   The run was made up mostly of cattle under 700 pounds and that was sure to our advantage.  Four weight steers would bring $1.75 to 1.85; five weigh steers brought $1.55 to 1.65; six weigh steers brought from $1.50 to 1.60 and seven weight steers were mostly $1.38 to 1.45.  Heifers weighing in the 400 pounds range sold from $1.45 to 1.50; five weight heifers brought $1.35 to 1.45; six weight heifers brought from $1.30 to 1.40 and a load of 718-pound heifers brought $1.24.   Weigh cows sold strong on big fleshy cows and brought mostly
 $73 to 77.   Medium flesh cows sold in the $60’s.   Bulls sold from 80¢ to $1 for good yielding bulls.   It was really a strong market for sellers all afternoon.   Thanks to a great group of buyers participating and making a darn good sale.
            Sunday, we loaded out some and tried to catch up again!   The boys did chores then Colby and Luke went to the roping pen for a while. 
            Monday was busy, Colby loaded steers out of the country first thing, while Luke and the girls and I started to AI on the first group of black heifers.   The weather is sure nice to get them to cycle and it seemed like they were fairly easy to breed so far.   It is nice to get them headed to grass for sure! 
            I am hoping to get cows moved from Ted’s tomorrow and out to pasture then do my house on Thursday! 
            It looks like some nice quality cows and heifer pairs are lining up for this week as well as some good breeding bulls.
Have a Dandy Week!
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