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April 2019  04/02/19 5:11:00 PM

            This time of year gets darn busy, I can’t even remember what lasts week’s weather was like!  I know for sure it rained last night about 1 ½ inches.  The sun was back out this afternoon, but more rain is in the forecast for the rest of the week.  We had some frost on Sunday morning, hope the alfalfa didn’t get burnt back to much.  It seems to be growing better this past week. 
            Saturday’s sale had a good run of most everything except big bales of hay and boy did the market reflect it!   We had big bales mostly $120 to 150!  The supply was only 36 big squares and 50 big rounds, and several folks were needing some to make it thru the cold spell until grass gets going again. 
            The hog sale continues to express strong demand for sows.  The over five weight sows sold from $70 to 77.   Fat hogs fell off a bit ranging $52 to 57.   A few small groups of pigs brought from $60 to 80 a lb.   Even boars have benefited from the stronger hog market, mostly $20 to 25 for big boars.  They have pretty much been $7 for 20 years!
            The sheep and goat sale lead off with very energetic bidding.  We had a little doe with two new kids just up and going good but little.   I got them in, presented and as Jimmy started selling, he was asking for $45 count noses, in their case three time the amount of bid.  Remember they are small, I threw up my hands and stopped him and said start them at $25 per head, people like to bid!  Boy, did they ever!   When the bidding stopped Jimmy had reached $95 a head!   He just shook his head at me wishing he would have stayed at $45 to start them knowing he obviously knew more about selling goats than I did!   Lambs weighing 60 pounds sold from $1.90 to 2.05.   55-pound fat boer kids topped at $170 per head.   Mostly steady on all the rest.
            Small squares of hay sold from $4 to 8 a bale.   Big squares sold $80 to 110 per bale.   Some misc. items of lumber, tin, a few tools and the first of the season, hanging baskets and assorted plants rounded out the outside sale. 
            The cattle sale had baby calves topping at $500 on the best black bull calf.   The Holstein dairy calves topped at $75.   A bigger run of bred cows and pairs drew good interest to refill pastures.  Two or three drafts of middle-aged pairs set the pace at $2000 each.  We saw 3-7-year-old 3rd period cows range mainly from $1200 to 1500.   Older pairs topped at $1400.   It sure looks like there still remains plenty of profit in pairs and bred cows both.   The feeder cattle sale had a couple hundred of all colors and classes.   The weigh cows finished up the day with over 200 head thru the ring.   The market is currently holding the gain it made over a week ago.   Most cows run from $58 to 63.   The top cow was at $69.   Bulls topped at $90.50 for a lean high yielding red bull. 
            Luke, Cody and Layne made it back from the trip to Merriman, NE last night.   It seems they enjoyed the time with friends in the Nebraska sandhills again this year.  They helped at Seidler ranchs south near Alliance and at the north ranch near Merriman.  Luke says the cows and calves looked a little thin but not too much different than most years.   They really pick up weight quickly when the grass gets going. 
            With Luke gone, the rest of us worked to fill the gap.  We had heifers to give Lutelyse and start breeding.  We are AI ing cows at Ted’s and worked a load of steers on Friday and got them moved out.   The sale was busy, but the crew shifts around a little and we made it thru.  Gave seemed to miss Luke the most as his tolerance of stupid gets less when Luke is gone!   We should finish the first set of black heifers in the morning and they will be on their summer grass before dark tomorrow evening.   The cows at Ted’s are also winding down.
            I peeled out early this morning (5:30) to go to Ted’s to breed cows and got to Selma and had a tire flat on my car.  It was raining.   I opened the trunk to find a spare and it had a chunk out of it and no wheel wrench!   I made a call to Ted to come get me and on we went.  Sunday morning when I got to Ted’s in my trusty F150 feed truck I noticed the headache rack on the bed was rubbing on the back window.   Boy that’s odd.  I wonder why the bolts fell out and let it move up?   Nope the dang frame was broke clear into about where the rear tires are on both sides!   Now that is a problem, I don’t have fixed just yet!  Anyway, glad Ted has a ride that can get me from one place to another!   Ted’s Uber service!!
            Lining up to be a big run of feeder cattle next Saturday.   There will be many fancy fall calves all weaned and preconditioned as well as some old crop yearlings.
Have a Dandy Week!

            We have had a very beautiful week of weather here.   We have been dry with just a couple passing showers that barely wet the sidewalk.   The temperatures were over 80° once but mostly highs in the 70’s and lows in the 50’s.   Farming has gone to high gear this week.   Lots of nitrogen being run as well as seeding and some corn planting.   There is a significant winter kill on some alfalfa fields and folks are trying to patch in or just start over.   I expect those poor stands will impact the hay market again through the next year.  
            Saturday was busy again here at the community sale barn.  The hog sale took off with a big jump in market sows   We have seen good interest in sows the past month but this week a group of 12 sows averaged 650 pounds and sold for $80.50, that’s a $15 a cwt jump higher in one week!    I knew there was a reason to like baseball season!   Fat hogs were only 20 cents under sows at $60.   Feeder pigs in smaller groups sold from 80 to 90 cents a lb.
            The sheep and goat markets were stronger on a lighter run.   The top pair of 50-pound boer cross billy kids sold at spirited bidding to $335 per head and went to a New Jersey packing house.   Most kids were around $140 to 165 per head at 50 pounds.   The best 74-pound lambs sold for $2.20 a lb.  One set of 135-pound fat lambs topped at $1.62 a lb.   Old ewes, nannies & billies all sold steady with last week.
            The outside was really pretty this week at 11:00.   Probably too nice with folks taking advantage of the great weather and working at home rather than attending the sale!   There was still good interest in all the hay.   Small bales were mostly $3.50 to 5.50.   Big round bales topped at $110 with the majority at $70 to 85 per bale.   Cornstalk bales ranged $25 to 40 per bale.   All kinds of misc. items rounded out the sale out front with rabbits bringing $4 to 6 a piece to wind up the sale.
            This week’s cattle sale had 1200 plus head.   Baby calves sold from $150 to 400 for most beef calves and $20 to 50 for the dairy calves. Bred cows came off an estate sale and a few with calves sold from $1100 to 1300.  They were red and Charolais cross cows with Charolais calves.  The calves looked nice, the cows were older and in rougher condition.   Three nice middle-aged black pairs sold for $1600.    Feeder cattle sold $5 lower on the under 650 weights and $5 higher over 650 pounds.   A couple of loads of 8 weight steers drew  good interest topping at $1.48 for the 816 weight home raised load.   There was stronger interest in 450 to 600 weight heifers, the steer versus heifer spread has been too wide all spring.   A couple of fellas had sold fats and had room and decided to feed heifers again.    Weigh cows were steady to $2 higher this week on 75 head.   The top cows were in the low $60’s and bulls ranged from $75 to 86. 
            Easter Sunday was gorgeous around here with not much wind, clear blue skies and mid 70’s for a high.  There were a few trucks to load early around the barn this weekend.   Part of the boys had family dinners to attend.  We had to pull CIDRs and give Lutelyse shots at my house Sunday evening and finished up with breeding the first Hereford heifers at Keosauqua Sunday night.   Monday was busy with another set to AI first thing then I ran to help pregnancy check a group of fall cows and wean their calves!   Grass sure looking better south of us than around here!   After pregnancy checking I lined up trailers to pick up a few cows to cull and headed back to Keosauqua to AI the last of the Hereford heifers.   The first of the second and third calvers at home are in heat to bred Tuesday evening and we will pull CIDRs and give lutelyse at Ted’s place Thursday.   Two commercial groups of heifers to put thru and a load of grass steers to process as well.   Luke, Cody and Layne are leaving for branding in Merriman NE on Thursday. 
            There is a bigger run of bred cows, pairs and bulls coming for next Saturday’s sale.
Have a Dandy Week!

            This area missed the snow and the rain showers that were around on Sunday.  The whole week has stayed dry and kinda cool, but sure trying to warm up now to 75° today.  The forecast is looking like another chance of showers passing through on Wednesday into Thursday.  We will see what that does but should continue to help our grass come along a little better.   There is a lot of work going on here aka; anhydrous, fertilizer, seeding, manure hauling and maybe a very little bit of corn planting going on.   The boys are trying to get some grass seeding done today before the weather changes.
            Saturday was another large run of livestock and hay.  It was a gorgeous day in Keosauqua and folks were rolling stock in early.   The hog sale had 250 head and the market held on to last week’s higher values.   Fat hogs were up to $60 with most in the $56 to 59 range.  Sows topped at $64 with most heavier sows at $58 to 62 and the lighter sows brought $48 to 52.  Butcher boars jumped from 30¢ in a week up to 46¢.   Feeder pigs sold from 70 to 85¢ a lb. for most weights.
            This week was our Easter lamb special and boy did we have a run!   When it was all thru, we had 1780 head sold this week.  That would be the largest run here in more than 30 years!   Lambs and goats came from all over to be in the sale.  The majority of the sale was lambs from 40 to 80 pounds and the kids were mostly from 25 to 70 pounds.   The lambs topped at just over $2 a lb. and the top kids were still over $3.   We sold from 10 a.m. until after 2:30 before we finished.   The crew thought they had been thru the ringer by the end of the day again!
            The outside sale was really big this week with over 700 big bales, 1400 small bales and a bunch of misc.  The small bales held a steady market with the bulk selling from $5 to 6 with a top of $8.50.   Big round bales sold from $70 to 125 on the better kind with good wrap.  There was cheaper hay selling from $50 to 70 for smaller bales, rougher hay and string tied.   Big squares sold from $50 to 75.   We had more corn stalk round bales than I’ve sold all winter, 125 bales.  They sold from $40 to 50 per bale.  Some were just baled last week!   The hedge post market was sure good again this week with top corners up to $40 and the better lines up to $24.   Lots of panels, gates, puppies and sever other items rounded out my two hours of work outside.   The top pup sold at $100 out front for three of the first picks.   The pups were border collie Australian shepherd cross
            The cattle sale had baby calves up to $425 on the beef calves and dairy calves were from $50 to 100 week.  There was good interest in pairs and bred cows this week as the grass gets much closer to being usable.   Feeder cattle were active on a selection of mostly all-natural types.   The weigh cows were up $2 to 4 with several over $60 again.   Curt took a big crash in the weigh cow sale and still has a sore knee.  Hope he gets back on his feet this week.
            Sunday was busy loading trucks outs.  We were scheduled to work cows at my house, so part of us gathered and put them thru the chute over the noon hour.   Sunday evening, I met a bull shopper at the sale barn.  After he made his picks, we went down town for supper before he checked into the hotel.   Just is from Colorado and we had a great visit over supper Sunday evening. 
            A busy week here with heifers and cows getting set up for AI.
            A special feeder cattle sale Saturday expecting 1000 head again.
Have a Dandy Week!

            The steady warm up and mild weather has continued the past week.  We had a couple small showers but mostly sunshine and some breeze with temperatures up to 70° and the lows just in the upper 40’s.  The forecast looks good until later in the week then there is a chance of rain and a big cool down.   I hope it doesn’t last too long!
            Saturday was a very pretty day and folks were in the mood to sell stock.   Trailers were busy all-day Friday and started again early Saturday morning.  We still had grid lock on the highway at 11 to 12 as people were in line to unload and folks were trying to load out.  There was a darn big crowd around again this week.  Every week I keep thinking that will be the last big crowd and I’ll be darned if the next week isn’t bigger again!
            The hog sale had a very active market as the top fat hogs sold for $59 and sows were up to $56.   Even fat boars were higher on a group that weighed 290 pounds reaching $40 when usually they are worth a quarter or less.  The feeder pig market was lower with roaster buyers not being a factor.
            The sheep and goat run tallied 765 head this week.  We started early and the crew did their best to keep things moving along.  They had their hands full with over 20 trailers in line wanting to unload while we are selling.   The sold animals move into the barn where the trailers were unloading, and the guys had to work together to pen sold animals while continuing to move stock off the trailers and down the same alley they were penning and get them to the ring.  They made it thru with only a few challenges that we worked thru on Sunday!   The market seems to be getting lower as big numbers start to move all across the country.   The top lambs sold up close to $2 a lb. and 50-pound kids still sold up to $140 per head.   Next week will be our annual Easter lamb special.  The crew is already getting excited about 1000 head of incoming sheep and goats.
            The outside had a large run of hay, trees, misc. and the very best hedge posts on the planet!   Hay sold higher than last week with most square bales bringing $4.50 to 8 per bale.   Big round bales also sold higher on the bales that were wrapped well.  Most of them sold in the $90 to 110 range.   Fluffy bales or out of condition bales sold $40 to 70.
            The hedge posts sale was loaded with over 200 of the nicest posts you would ever see, and folks came to buy them!  Four corners sold at $100 a piece and three more groups sold for $70.   Line posts that were 8 foot long sold from $18 to 34.  It was fun selling them as fellas thought they could get them at $10 to 15 and gave up on that and just put their hand up and bought them!   Congratulations Bob on another really masterful job of cutting and presenting outstanding posts!
            We had a large run of misc.  items and I had fellow auctioneer Roger Clingan come and sell most of that and I didn’t get to see what merchandise sold like.  We really needed him and are very thankful to have him step right in and do a great job!   Thanks, Roger, for your help!
            The cattle sale had been growing all week long.  It bloomed into 1985 head by Saturday night!  There were over 30 head of baby calves with the top beef calves up to $425.   Holstein calves were mostly $20 to 50.   Feeder cattle sale sort of followed the post sale.  The quality was truly outstanding all day long and the market rewarded the sellers in a big way.   Some benchmark sales were 512-pound steers at $2, 623-pound steers at $178 and 743 pound steers at $158.   The loads of 940 to 960-pound steers were as good as you will ever see and brought $129.75.  The weigh cows slid up $3 to 5 this week and I expect them to gain more this week.
            The sale ended about 9:30 and everybody was beat.   Lauren had a pizza and spaghetti bake supper for the guys and they sure appreciated that.   Trucks loaded thru the night and by noon Sunday the barn was fairly empty again.  The boys took off to relax and rope a little for the first time this year.   It was a beautiful afternoon and they were ready for the break.
            I was back in the country looking at pairs this afternoon.   The cows and calves were all laid out in the pastures and looked extra special this afternoon.   They will be in our sale on the 27th of April.  If you need some good pairs be sure to attend that sale.
            The grass is greening up and the rye is going to town, looks like an inch every night!   We hope to turn some heifers out to graze this week.
Have a Dandy Week!

            We have had a fairly mild week of weather and Friday night we received 1.5-2 inches of rain in the area. Our frost is gone, and it was surprising how firm the ground was Saturday morning after the rain. It was cooler on Sunday down to 25°,  but 56° here on Monday and clear skies. Forecast has another rain event for mid-week and temps to nearly 70° on Saturday. That will sure get things moving at a lot faster pace! Folks say that the grass isn’t growing much yet, well shoot it was 0° about three weeks ago. Give nature a chance and it will grow!
            I was in Ames for a Beef Council meeting last Wednesday. We had some discussion over this year’s production research project and some summer advertising opportunities. We had updates from USMEF (meat export federation). Secretary of Ag, Mike Naig attended and gave an update on flood damage as well as other state ag updates.          
            Sunday was IHBA board meeting, so I shuffled back to Ames for a four-hour meeting again. It was too nice a day to be inside that long, but business needed to be done and we worked the agenda and I still got home with time to spare to look through the calves.
            Saturday’s sale was a fairly large one again. We had 300 hogs this week and the market took a leap higher on fat hogs and sows.  The fat hog market was in the $53-56 range and the over five weight sows brought $56-60 with a $64 top on one sow. Pigs were stronger this week too with a good set of 91# pigs getting to $75 a head. Nice to see a little move up in the market for producers that had all the challenge of choring them the long cold winter.
            The sheep market is going down, goats held steady on 500 head again this week. The best lambs at 62# sold $2.00 and some 71# brought $2.15.  Ewes and bucks sold steady. The goat business continues to march to its own drum. Kids were over $3 a pound and $3.30 on the boer cross. Nannies sold from $1 to $1.35 a lb. and bottle kids sold from 10-25 on dairy goats.
            Outside was really nice at 11am Saturday and a big crowd gathered up for hay and everything else! Small squares were softer on a lighter run as the rain held back, most sold from $3 to $5.50 this week. Big round bales sold from $60-90 and a stack of two bales got to $100. Big squares held from $50-80, corn stalk rounds sold for $40-50.
            The highlight outside this week was the tree sale! We had oak, birch, sycamore and some white pine. These trees were 15-20 feet tall and had been commercially dug with a big tree spade. They delivered them on Tuesday and Wednesday and they really attracted some attention. The tree market was $100 to $300 with the pines being high sellers. The boys are thinking we need to bring in some cedars, hedge and honey locust rather than paying the dozer money to push them in a pile. Look for more trees in the next week or two.
            Post market was sure steady. Next week we will be selling the Bob Heald spring collection of the highest quality hedge posts! Bob will have around 50 corners and 200 line posts. If you like a good hedge post be at the sale next week.
            The cattle sale had 350 head of all classes. Everything sold well except weigh cows who fell off nearly 10 cents in a week. The market was just getting decent again and I’ll be danged if they didn’t lower the boom on it. Most cows did not get out of the $40’s just a few in the low $50’s. Baby calves were active with Holsteins ranging from $50-200, beef calves sold from $200-400. Feeder cattle were mainly all naturals or small groups and sold steady with last week.
            This week will be a nice run of top reputation feeders including a few fall calves and many fancy yearling cattle.
Have a Dandy Week!
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