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February 2022  02/09/22 4:35:00 PM

         A pretty warm nice week to get thru the middle of February here with 60 degrees yesterday!  We are getting some moisture today, but so far it is warm enough that we haven’t had any ice or snow.  We are going to get cold for a night or two and then warm back up into the weekend. Most likely it will get breezy and cold then when that south wind comes back it will be worse than the northwest wind that cooled us off tonight.  A week from today will be March 1st, which is really awesome we are that close to spring already!
         Saturday had a good-sized run of everything! The hog sale had a higher market across the board. Fat hogs were $65 to 67. Heavy sows sold from $80 to 90 and light sows were from $70 to 77. One group of pigs that averaged 77 pounds brought $71.
         The sheep and goat markets were lower this week.  Lambs weighing 60 to 70 pounds sold up to $3.40. Some 90-pound lambs sold at $2.50. Weigh up ewes were mostly $1.50 to 1.75.  A package of three year to older Rambouillet ewes, ultra-sounded to lamb in March sold at $335 per head. Goats weighing 45 to 50 pounds were still $4.20 to 4.35.  98-pound wethers brought $2.60 a lb. Nannies selling by the pound brought $1.70 to 2. Bred nannies were from $250 to 475 per head. Billies brought $2.20 to 2.50. 
         The outside sale was loaded with hay and posts and my ace auctioneer was MIA! So, we started in working thru small squares first and the market was from $2 to 5.50 with lots of decent bales selling from $3 to 4.   Straw sold from $3 to 5 with oat straw at the top. Big round bales had nice quality, net wrapped hay selling from $50 to 65.  There were multiple piles of decent hay selling from $40 to 50. Corn stalk bales sold from $30 to 37.50.   Hedge posts were just average, and the market reflected that. Lines sold from$4 to 15 and corners brought $8 to 25. Looking for a high-quality run of hedge for the up coming sale to finish up February.
         The cattle sale had a good quality run this week and very active demand. Baby calves sold from $50 to 110 on dairy calves and $250 to 350 on beef calves. Feeder cattle had very good interest from order buyers and several individual buyers. Four and five weight steers sold over $2 a lb., while the top six weight steers sold up to $1.75. a package of 785-pound steers brought $1.63 and a load of 891-pound steers brought $1.55.
         The market sure feels like we are on very solid footing with numbers in check. Fats are over $1.40 and demand for beef is still strong. I have felt like this a couple of other times in the past five years and some wacky, odd totally unexpected event or situation changes history and the market!  August feeders closed at $185.12 today and that would suggest an 800-pound steer in August to bring
$1480 per head! That is as high as they have been in seven or eight years. With futures at this level and hay prices so moderate the potential for profit on the back grounding side is very good right now. Don’t let these kinds of figures pass you by! Take advantage of it while the market is available.
         We attended the Iowa Beef Expo Hereford events last week. Savannah rode up with me on Tuesday and after a stop in the barns, we attended the banquet at the 4-H building on the State Fair grounds. A good meal and several speakers including the current AHA board president Bruce Everhart from Indiana made for a full evening. The sale was on Wednesday this year, it was 60 degrees warmer than last year when it was 20 below zero on sale morning!  The crowd was good filling the North Annex sale ring where we always have had the sale. Interest was good! We were lucky to have the high selling bull and female at this year’s sale! Thanks to Heath Greiner and Colton Smith for doing the hard work and all the auction crew for making a successful event!
         Monday morning, we tagged calves and decided we had time to get to Manhattan KS to do some bull shopping before the weather changed. Man, it was nice down there at 72 degrees yesterday afternoon. We looked at cattle, ate lunch and was home by 4. We were only an hour and 15 minutes getting home with a 48 mile per hour tail wind, we were cruising at 260 to 270 mph!  Savannah made her first trip with us and survived well!
         The boys are after a cow on the loose from the local vet clinic this afternoon! These colder temperatures may get them froze up before they get back today.
         Calving has been rolling along the post week with several every day. Calves loved the warm weather yesterday just hope they don’t get sick in this rain and drop in temperatures.
         Southeast Iowa lost on icon in Mr. Rod Lynch from Bloomfield, just 56 years old. Rod was very active in the Davis Co community. Rod was a big part of the Davis Co fair and took great pride in supporting the county’s 4-H and FFA. Rod will be dearly missed by all the knew him.
         A regular sale this Saturday. A special feeder cattle sale March 5th.
Have A Dandy Week!

         The past week has been cold with lows in the single digits and highs just in the teens. We remain dry and it warmed up to 40 today! It sounds like tomorrow will be nice again then change in forecast for Wednesday. Colling down to single digits in the afternoon and rain changing over to snows towards Wednesday nights. We hope we miss most of that.
         Saturday was a busy sale again. The hog market was up from previous week but not as wild as two weeks ago. Sows were back to an $89 top. Most of the decent sows were $75 to 80. Those 340-pound butchers topped at $81. Most of the fat hogs sold from $65 to 71. Feeder pigs have increased demand, 44-pound pigs sold at $65- and 68-pound pigs topped at $80 per head.
         The sheep and goat markets had a very solid week. The group of replacement does we had, brought up to $470 per head. Kids with an average weight in the 50’s sold at $4 to 4.75 a lb.  We sold 60-to-80-pound kids mostly $2.80 to2.50 a lb.    Lambs sold from $3.50 to 4 a lb. Bucks sold from $1.45 to 1.75 a lb.   A nice group of 108-pound lamb sold at $3.10 a lb.
         The outside sale was loaded up with hay again. Small square bales sold from $2 to 6.50.   The straw brought $3 to 5. Big round bales topped at $65 with lots of piles selling from $45 to 55. Cornstalks in round bales sold around $32.50 and straw brought $25 to27.50. the hedge post market was up on some very good quality posts this week. The top lines brought up to $40 and the top corners brought $60 with one post at $125. Square cut 9- and 10-foot posts were from $20 to 60 this week.
         The cattle sale had mostly bred and a few pairs. Baby calf top was $450 on a couple of nice Angus bull calves. Bred cows sold from $1500 to 1850 for 3- to 6-year-old cows in the third period. Older cows in the third period sold from $950 to1250. Weigh cows sold very good with most fleshly cows selling $80 to 90. Lean cows sold from $60 to 75 with cripple and suspect cows cheaper than that. Slaughter bulls sold from $95 to 106.
         Several folks have asked about Rick Overstreet. Rick is slowly recovering. He is planning to get moved from Mercy hospital over to a rehab center in Clive this weekend. We pray that he continues the road to recovery.
         Our great friend and pillar of the cattle business Mr. George Ochsner from Torrington, WY passed this week. George was one of the most sincere men in the cattle business. Over the course of a lifetime, George built a highly successful ranch in WY. He started by buying very small calves and backgrounding them in his early teens. George worked in the livestock market as a young boy and eventually became the owner operator of one of the West’s most successful markets.
         I came to know George thru the Hereford business and was able to spend a little time with him and the family at the ranch. I always enjoyed our visits as you could always learn something from him when you had the chance to visit. George was an outstanding cattleman and logged countless ranch hours looking at cattle on the ranch. His legacy will continue into the future with the great family he leaves at the ranch. I am truly thankful that I was able to know George Ochsner. Rest in Peace friend.
         A special feeder cattle sale coming up this Saturday.
Have A Dandy Week!

        Southeast Iowa missed the forecasted snow last week, we are thankful for that!   We have warmed up gradually over the past few days to a high of 52° today.   Boy, it felt good!   We are supposed to have a couple nicer days then get cooler going into the weekend.   February is sure nicer than last year when we were below zero for two weeks!
        Saturday was a nice day after a chilly morning.    The hog sale led off with a more realistic value in the sow market!  The bulk of the good sows sold at $62 to 69.   Butchers were scarce with only one set of nice Hereford hogs at $65 to 66 a cwt.    A small group of 77-pound pigs sold at $76 per head.
        The sheep and goat sale had a bigger run and an active market.   The lambs ranged from $3.50 to 3.80 a lb. on 50-to-70-pound lambs.   Ewes and bucks sold from $1.55 to 1.70.   Goats weighing 50 to 60 pounds sold up to $4.20 a lb.   The middle weight goats weighing 70 to 85 sold up to $3.70 a lb.   Big billies were mostly $2.75 to 3 and nannies sold from $1.90 to 2.05 a lb.   The bottle babies sold from $20 to 45 a head.   Baby lambs brought from $20 to 55 a head.
        The hay sale was big once again this week.   Small squares of hay brought from $2.50 to 7 with most at $4 to 5.   $3.50 to 5 was the straw value this sale.   Big round bales of hay were mostly lower. We sold a lot of hay from $40 to 55.   A couple of piles of net wrapped mixed hay brought $70 to 75.   Big squares sold from $35 to 50, mostly it was grass hay not alfalfa in this sale.   Corn stalks were from $30 to 35 and straw round bales sold from $25 to 30.   The hedge post market was easier on average quality posts this sale.   The better corners topped at $25, and lines brought from $9 to 12 on the top.   Firewood sold strong at $57.50 on a short load.  
        The cattle sale had very good numbers, selling 1400 head and extremely good quality calves from the area’s best producers.   The market was very steady all day long.   The bulk of the run was from 600 to 800 pounds.   Heifers sold from $1.50 to 1.60 for the better kind.   Steers sold from $1.60 to 1.80 that was paid on some 650-pound steers.   A fancy load of Red Angus steers weighing 897 pounds brought $155.50.    Weigh cows were up a couple of dollars.   The top cow was $91.50, and a lot of cows were over $70 this week.   I look for this market to stay higher.
        Calving is rolling along at home, Ted’s, and Luke’s.   Calves are sure loving the nice warm temperatures!   At home we have just a few AI bred cows left and then we slow down thru the bull breds.   Luke & Cody are rolling along with 8 to 13 head a day thru their AI bred heifers as well.
        I made a little run thru NE Missouri today.  I weighed a couple loads of yearling heifers and then went on to look at cattle for the up coming sales.    Savannah Frazier is here from Tennessee doing an internship.  I let her drive all day!   We got on some trails down in Missouri that hadn’t been bladed yet and we were driving thru a field to get thru!   She did great but was sure thinking we should not be going thru where we were!  It all worked out fine and we made it back home in good shape.
        I am heading to the IA Beef Expo Hereford sale next week on Wednesday.   It should be a nice week for folks to get to Des Moines.  So much better than 30 below like last year!
        We will have a nice run of bred heifers and bred cows coming up this week expecting 200 head.
Have A Dandy Week!
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